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Children are by far the best "world travelers."  With an open mind and youthful enthusiasm, they see the world in a way that the rest of us can only imagine. 


Actually traveling internationally with children is another story.  The expense, health issues, complicated travel and entrance requirements, plus the stress of managing culture shock and an 8 year old at the same time can make the dream family vacation seem like more of a nightmare. 


Ok, so lets just wait until they are a bit older to plan the international trip…they will learn about the world in school anyways, right?


Nope.  Did you know that in the (failed) No Child Left Behind budget exactly $0 were devoted to geography education.  A decade ago high school students had to have 3 civic/world culture classes to graduate; now that number is down to one in most states.


The teachers are far from the ones to blame.  Just like music and art, geography and global education has been pushed to the side thanks to strict testing requirements and misguided policies.  But studies have shown that children develop their fundamental ideas about racism and cultural differences between about 5-8 years old.  If they aren't learning about the world in school, who is teaching them?  The hyped up, "the world is evil and scary" media?


I'll admit, I'm not a teacher but I am a traveler.  Over the years I have always made a point to send back postcards and packages to the children and teachers I know back home.  It's incredible to see how the world opens up to a child just through a simple postcard and a few foreign coins or local sweets from a far away place.  Global education is the study of the human race… what makes us unique, special, different.  How can children not be interested? 


With this as my focus, I'm proud to announce the launch of Big Earth Explorers.  With the help of a few special teacher friends back home, we have launched a program that hopes to bring global education back into homes and classrooms around the country.


Big Earth Explorer


Every month we explore a new country through the delivery of both international postcards (really sent from a far away land) and weekly emails filled with educational videos, local recipes to try with your children, MP3 music downloads of traditional songs, simple language lessons, and tons of culture facts.


We have also designed "Adventure Packs" and "Classroom Bundles" for homeschooling families and elementary school teachers.  Imaging incorporating foreign currency into your math class for an exchange rate/cross multiplication lesson?  Science class could be a lot more interesting if you are exploring the melting of glaciers in Argentina while eating a traditional Argentinian treat like an alfajor.




This is a new project that literally just launched.  Our aim is to eventually transition to a non-profit business model so that we can sponsor more low income schools.  In the meantime though, we want to know what you, readers of Wandering Educators, think.  We are offering a Free two week test of our materials to anyone who "Likes" us on Facebook.  Your feedback is very important to us!  We want to make sure we perfect Big Earth Explorers and bring global education back to the children of the US.


In addition, we are partnering with low income schools and underpaid teachers around the world to help us design our materials.  Who else but a local teacher would know what is fascinating and important about a place for children?  This is also our way of funneling our profits back into classrooms around the globe.


Let us know what you think about the project!  You can email me personally at Chelsea at Big Earth Explores dot com or use the contact form on our site.  Also, don't forget to sign up on our site to test out Big Earth Explorers or to support us with a purchase today.


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