Celebrating and Smiling in South Africa

by Carolyn Lane / Jul 23, 2010 / 0 comments

Nelson Mandela turned 92 years old on July 18th. His life is committed to creating peace among all peoples. These pictures were taken in South Africa, printed out on-the-spot with a compact portable printer and distributed....often the first photograph the recipient had ever received. A photograph says I see you....you count...you matter. Sharing a picture is a simple way to bring people of different backgrounds, cultures, races together through the power of personal photography. We inherently know the value as we take photographs almost constantly in our own lives. How many pictures do you have of yourself, your child, your friends?


Dog Meets World South Africa


Dog Meets World South Africa


Dog Meets World aims to facilitate connections around the world by literally providing a snapshot into the lives of individuals in diverse communities spanning the globe. Photography is something to which everyone can relate, and using photos as a medium for understanding and connection is a powerful platform.


Dog Meets World South Africa


Dog Meets World is a simple and easy way to establish connections
with local communities and to create positive cross-cultural
interactions and give back when you travel. Join the movement, become a phodographer

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