Chicago's Best Restaurants

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We asked author Kate Silver for her favorite Chicago restaurants - here they are, excerpted from Frommer's EasyGuide to Chicago 2015:


Chicago's Best Restaurants


* Best diner

Little Goat. At Little Goat, by Stephanie Izard, of "Top Chef"/Girl and the Goat Fame, you almost expect to see "Lurlene" embroidered in the servers' purple diner dresses at this reinvented diner, as they dole out goat burgers, paratha breakfast burritos and fish tostadas to the hungry masses who gladly have waited an hour in line for a table.


* Best sushi

Kai Zan. It's a bit of a hike to get to Kai Zan, on the edge of Humboldt Park, but you can thank me for it later. Each small fish dish is handled like a work of art here, and you can create your own rolls by picking and choosing add-ons like tempura flakes and ginger.


* Best restaurant service ethnic food you maybe didn't realize existed

Fat Rice. OK, so there's only one Macanese restaurant I've ever eaten at, and it's Fat Rice in Logan Square. In my research for this book, this was the singular place that I would have gone back to every night if I could, just for another bowl of squid fried rice.


* Best cheap eats

Nhu Lan. At this tiny Vietnamese spot, a $3 to $4 bahn mi sandwich is a meal, itself. Add some vitamins with a fresh fruit smoothie with boba. At $3.50, the drink is actually pricier than some of the sandwiches.


* Best spot for kids

Ed Debevic's. My boyfriend still smiles at memories of childhood trips to Ed Debevic's, where today, sassy servers still sling burgers and Green River Soda to kids, who get a kick out of their snark.


* Best pizza deal

La Madia. You won't find Chicago-style pie at La Madia, but you will find light, fresh and delectable thin crust, which two can share, along with a salad and cookies for $19 ($31 if you add two glasses of wine).


* Most romantic spot

L2O. Low lighting, cozy booths and spacious tables invite in a little Love Potion No. 9 at L20. Lovers bat eyes at one another over favorites, like avocado wrapped ahi tuna, or bond over their surprise at boundary-pushing courses like pigeon and geoduck.


* Best restaurant for a celebratory splurge

Boka. The dining room decor is sophisticated yet playful and the menu is creative, yet approachable at Boka. It feels like every diner is celebrating at this Lincoln Park spot, where jubilance and eclectic American cuisine come together for a perfect evening. It's a refreshing change from the stiff hush that many fine-dining establishments summons.


Excerpted from Frommer's Easy Guide Chicago 2015 - read our review!

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