Convenient and comfortable pet carrier option for all types of travel

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Now that more and more of us travel with our pets, the marketplace is filled with a dizzying array of pet carriers. Everything from high-end bejeweled cases and tricked out rolling backpacks to standard hard plastic and Sherpa-style bags.

As wonderful as it is to have so many choices, not all are wise when it comes to air travel. Carriers must fit securely under the seat and allow room for your cat or small dog to be able to move around. Of course, the airlines do not make it easy, each having their own requirements of approved carrier size and dimensions.

There is a relatively new product called the Sleepypod Air that actually adapts to the various under seat storage requirements. It is made for dogs up to 15 pounds (8kg) and cats up to 17.5 pounds (7kg).

According to the product description, the Sleepypod Air allows pets to travel in the largest space possible while the airplane is in the air, yet still allows for stowage under an airline seat during takeoff and landing. When the captain says you can recline your seat, rotate the Sleepypod Air so it is between your feet and then expand the ends so both you and your little friend can stretch out comfortably for the duration of the flight.

In addition, the Sleepypod Air, which comes in black, brown, red, silver and orange, is great for car travel. It has straps that allow the carrier to be secured by seatbelt.


Sleepypod Air features include:
•    Meets most major airline carry-on pet requirements
•    Compresses in length from 22” to 16”
•    Has mesh openings on the top and ends for excellent air circulation as well as easy access to your cat or dog
•    In cars, can be secured by lap and/or shoulder seatbelts
•    Has trolley pockets to attach to other luggage for mobility in airports
•    Has side pockets for storage
•    Plush bedding that is removable and washable
•    Additional accessories

The Sleepypod Air is available at retail locations throughout Europe, North America, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Asia, as well as through online retailers and the company’s own website.

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Jodi Ziskin, our Traveling with Pets Editor, is a Holistic Wellness Consultant for Animal Companions, specializing in nutrition and proactive health. She is a Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant who also holds a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Through her company Holistic Jodi, LLC, Jodi makes house calls throughout South Florida, helping cats, dogs, birds and rabbits be as healthy and happy as possible.

She and her husband Zach live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their cat, Obi (age 5).

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