The Crumpler Eight Million Dollar Home

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Been looking for the perfect travel bag for your photo gear? Want to bring along a laptop? Me, too. I've spent AGES on the internet looking for a bag that can carry all of our photographic equipment (DSLR, lenses, flash, professional video camera, and small flip type video camera and digital camera for our daughter) as well as our laptop - and all the assorted cords that go along with it. I despaired. THEN I found Crumpler.


Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home


The bonus about Crumpler? They are an extremely cool indie bag company, making extremely cool indie bags.

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Crumpler was started in 1992 in Australia - Stuart Crumpler was trying to create a very strong bag, strong enough to carry a case of beer. He eventually got help from a parachute maker, and the rest is history. Starting with Mr. Pattern, and cutting the bags from a single piece of fabric, Crumpler bags have evolved into a world-renowned company making bags that photographers actually USE.  They are made from water-resistant fabrics, and still contain the basic original Crumpler design elements: simplicity, great design, and strong bags cut from one piece of fabric.

We love the Million Dollar Home Bags, and received an Eight Million Dollar Home Bag from Crumpler to review. (Thanks, Crumpler!) It is the largest of the Million Dollar Home Bags, and, as you can see in the video, holds a LOT. You can customize the interior of your Crumpler to fit your own specs and equipment. They all have the same high-quality design and materials. One of the features I love most is the "silencer" velcro tab. The bags close with both latches, and with velcro. But as any photographer can tell you, sometimes silence is golden. You don't want to scare any animals you may be snapping - be they rural or urban. The velcro silencer can help with that, by opening your bag VERY very quietly. Brilliant!


Crumpler also makes luggage, messenger bags, tote bags, and back packs. I love their clean lines and beautiful colors.


And the 8 Million Dollar Home Bag?

Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home



It's going with us to Ireland and Scotland - and we've tested many, many interior lineups to make sure that everything fits (it does). The multiple internal pockets and netting and zippers enhance the auxiliary pockets, which are protected from the actual (and expensive) equipment. I am very impressed with the functionality of this bag. Add to it a sharp red color, and we're VERY happy with Crumpler.

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