Dog Meets World Foto of the Week: Raining in Peru

by Carolyn Lane / May 19, 2010 / 0 comments

Austin Lane is the twentysomething cofounder of Dog Meets World. He was the first to take Foto, the mascot dog and a portable printer into the field shortly after the Photo Diplomacy project was incorporated.  

Their hostel owner in Cusco suggested Huilloq, as it is a village off the main tourist track yet known for colorful costuming. Indeed this was the case. While backpackers sometimes frequent this village with the intent to photograph the locals, none had ever brought a printer to share the pictures. When it started to slightly drizzle, unasked this young boy with all the seriousness of protecting something of value, held a hat over the printer....already realizing how important the prints were. Moments like these bind travelers and locals.


Dog Meets World Peru



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