Dog Meets World Foto of the Week: at a School in West Bengal

by Carolyn Lane / Jun 16, 2010 / 0 comments

Professionals can spread the word about Dog Meets World at occurred when American Michael Smith met Chinmoy Majumdar while attending a meeting in India. Chinmoy was introduced to the concept of affirming children in need by taking and printing out personal photographs. With "Foto", the stuffed dog mascot in hand and a printer supplied by his colleague, Chinmoy took the project to a rural impoverished school in Subash Colony, Lalbagh, West Bengal. Chinmoy loved his new role as a phoDOGrapher and says it was so easy and fun everyone should practice Dog Meets World.


Dog Meets World


Here is Chinmoy's story: "I came bit early to the primary school and interacted a small group of students who came early to their school. I asked them " please raise your hand those who do not have there own photo. There were 40% students raised their hands without  knowing that I am going to facilitate them with their photos. After few minutes when all students came and we were discussing in between about my purpose of offering them photos, I asked same question again to get genuine numbers of students without their photo identity, almost each and every students raised their hands for their photo with "Foto". It was so funny and will not forget. I trust they would preserve these photos for time to come!"


Dog Meets World


Dog Meets World




Dog Meets World is a simple and easy way to establish
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