Dog Vacay Matches Pets with ‘Vacation’ Homes and Sitters

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With Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer, just weeks away, thoughts of traveling near and far are on the minds of many.

Along with vacation planning comes the questions every pet guardian asks him or herself: should we take our pets with us? If so, will they be welcome everywhere we go? Will we be able to leave them in hotel rooms alone - and do we even want to? And if we choose to leave them home, how do we find someone reliable to take care of them?

While the pet sitting business is nothing new, there is a new concept, DogVacay. This online community marketplace of sorts provides one-stop pet care solutions to every travel scenario. Pets are matched with pre-qualified pet sitters who offer in-home boarding or daily visits to your home or hotel.

The DogVacay site,, is very user friendly, even incorporating a quick, 90 second 'How it Works' video.

DogVacay allows pet guardians to find a real home, close to home, to board their dog or cat.

Home boarding offers individual attention, fun with a small number of well-socialized dogs (there are also solo boarding options for cats or dogs who need to be alone), and supervision from a responsible caregiver.

In-home Pet Sitting - Daily Visits or Overnights
DogVacay can help pet guardians find matches for these services, as well. For cats, this is always a better option.

When Your Pet Travels With You
DogVacay offers a range of services including pet sitting services right in your hotel room (including walks), or if the hotel doesn't allow pets, boarding in a host's home.

Day-to-Day Services, When Not Traveling
DogVacay sitters also offer dog walking and daycare services

More Than Just Dogs And Cats
Snakes and birds and rabbits, oh my!

"DogVacay sitters can work with all kinds of animals," said co-founder Karine Hirschhorn. "Many of the hundreds of providers in our community have experience working with all sorts of animals, are able to do overnights or visits in the clients' homes and care for a range of pet needs." 

Customized Services
The messaging through the DogVacay system allows all customers to find the perfect person to care for their animals.

"The custom quote feature allows the hosts and customers to negotiate an appropriate rate for the service, whether it be boarding of a dog for three nights and two home visits to feed the resident cat and snake, or a more complicated arrangement," explained Hirschhorn. "Total flexibility is afforded to clients through this feature and directly through Dog Vacay's concierge system."

One of the great advantages of DogVacay - the brainchild of husband and wife team Aaron and Karine Hirschhorn, who gave up their respective Wall Street and Hollywood jobs to start this company with Mike Jones, the former CEO of MySpace - is peace of mind.


All DogVacay clients receive:
•    Pre-qualified hosts
•    Daily photo updates
•    24/7 support
•    Veterinary care, if needed
•    The DogVacay Concierge, who can set up massages and other goodies
•    Insurance coverage



DogVacay services are available in most major metropolitan areas throughout the United States including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Philadelphia, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Austin, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Nashville, Portland, Minneapolis and Phoenix.


Visit or call 1-855-DOG-VACAY (1-855-364-8222).



Jodi Ziskin, our Traveling with Pets Editor, is a Holistic Wellness Consultant for Animal Companions, specializing in nutrition and proactive health. She is a Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant who also holds a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Through her company Holistic Jodi, LLC, Jodi makes house calls throughout South Florida, helping cats, dogs, birds and rabbits be as healthy and happy as possible.

She and her husband Zach live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their two cats, Obi and Emma.

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