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The world's most loveable third-grader, Ramona has captured the hearts and sympathies of two generations of children.

Ramona's life is a mess! Her teacher hates her, her older sister Beezus is a pain, it looks like her favorite Aunt Bea could marry a DORK, and now Dad just lost his job. Growing up is NOT easy.  But you'll laugh and cheer Ramona and the Quimbys on as they stick together through it all.


Ramona Quimby - Children's Theatre Company


The Children's Theatre Company, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, presents Ramona Quimby, the world's most loveable third-grader, on stage until June 7th.  Directed by Clinton Turner Davis, this 2-hour production is a fun look at a family from one of our favorite children's books, Ramona Quimby. Based on the beloved Newbery-Award winning series of books by author Beverly Cleary (and adapted by Len Jenkin), this play showcases more than 25 actors as well as 125 local Girl and Boy Scouts making their acting debuts!


Ramona Quimby - Children's Theatre Company


The production moves right along in Ramona's  (Scarlett Thompson, who is an extraordinary young actor) life - a tiresome teacher, her older sister Beezus (played by Maeve Coeen Moynihan, who shines as the narrator), her family going through rough times, her best friend Howie (Naveh Shavit-Lonstein), and more. The cast is such fun to watch, from the fantastic Marvette Knight (who has several roles, and is fun to see in each one), to Uncle Hobart (Daniel Joeck), who makes us laugh.  The set (Eduardo Sicangco) was well-designed and simple enough for kids to move the pieces in and out - with a fantastic background of Klickitat Street grounding us in the location. The lighting (Nancy Schertler) was perfect, especially during the Bridal scenes. The music (Victor Zupanc) was fresh and fun.


Ramona Quimby - Children's Theatre Company


Our 6-year old daughter loved this production, from the sassiness of the two sisters to the fast-moving plot.

She loved it because "it was fun, and it helps you learn something (you'll have to see it to find out!). It also shows how a family can have fun and grow together."  She was entranced with the funny show, and talked about it for days afterwards. We've since checked the Ramona Quimby books out again from the library, and are enjoying reading of her life and exploits!  Our favorite part of the play was the Halloween Dance, which still makes us laugh, remembering the great costumes and creativity.


Ramona Quimby - Children's Theatre Company

One of the most important things about this production is that it focuses on a family going through change - kids growing, unemployment, new jobs, new people in life, difficulties with a teacher and classmates, and more. I really feel that the upbeat tone of the production shows kids that even though change WILL occur, families can weather it together. It is also a great way to show kids that everyone goes through good times and bad, and how so sail through these times smoothly. Books can always soothe and help readers through life experiences - this production of Ramona Quimby is true to the book, in that it is timeless and can make audiences laugh and feel along with Ramona and Beezus.


Ramona Quimby - Children's Theatre Company


"Generations of families relate to 'Ramona Quimby.' Beverly Cleary's characters are so authentic, fresh and contemporary," says CTC artistic Director Peter Brosius. "The struggles Ramona's family faces are the same struggles families are experiencing today. And, we are thrilled to have Clinton Turner Davis direct.  His work with 'The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963,' overflowed with humanity, humor and heart. We knew we had to have him return to bring this wonderful Quimby family to life."

Located near Eat Street in Minneapolis, right next to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Children's Theatre Company has plenty of free parking, is handicap accessible, and has an excellent theater space with great acoustics. The kids in the audience were well-behaved, as well as enthusiastic about funny parts of the story. For our production, there were posters of Ramona Quimby handed out at the end in the lobby, as well as a mystery coupon to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America!




The Children's Theatre Company (CTC) is the first theatre for young people to win the coveted Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater (2003). Founded in 1965, CTC serves more than 300,000 people annually and is one of the 20 largest theater companies in the nation.  The company is noted for defining worldwide standards for youth theater with an innovative mix of classic tales, celebrated international productions, and challenging new work. 






You can find out more at www.childrenstheatre.org


Ramona Quimby - Children's Theatre Company


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You can find out more at www.childrenstheatre.org


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