Excellent Family Travel Resource: The Travel Mamas’ Guide

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You know how, when you are looking for resources, you seem to look and look before you can find the right ones? One family travel author looked and looked for a family travel guide - and when she didn’t find one, WROTE it. This curiosity about learning and sharing has resulted  in a new nuts and bolts family travel guide that I just love: The Travel Mamas’ Guide: How to vacation with babies and children…and stay sane! Written by well-known family travel writer Colleen Lanin, this is definitely a must-have for new parents, experienced parents – even grandparents, babysitters, and au pairs.


The Travel Mamas' Guide


Filled with all kinds of travel (and parenting) tips that are at once comforting and informative, The Travel Mamas’ Guide is an excellent resource, to be read again and again, and bought as gifts for friends. Yes, it’s that good.


Colleen is the founder of Travelmamas.com, and is the Original Travel Mama on a team of experienced traveling parents. TravelMamas is focused on helping parents “make seeing the world with children as easy, fun, and joy-filled as possible for other parents.” Head to her website and explore - it's full of family travel expertise.


Colleen Lanin, author of the Travel Mamas' Guide, and family

Colleen Lanin, author of the Travel Mamas' Guide, and family


We had a chance to catch up with Colleen on a hangout (fun!), and asked her some questions about the Travel Mamas’ Guide, what led her to write the book (see the first sentence in this article), her top 3 family travel tips, and more.  Take a look…




I know! Need to know more about the goodness inside? Chapters include:

  • Why to go
  • Take it or leave it
  • Little tips to save big
  • Distractions for the journey
  • Eating on the go
  • Go by plane
  • Go by car
  • Go by boat
  • You love ‘em, but…
  • It’s sleepy time
  • Poop happens
  • Get with the times
  • Grown-up fun
  • For safety’s sake
  • It’s a dirty job – do you have to do it?
  • Get a room
  • Settle in
  • Mi casa est su casa
  • Camping and other outdoorsy stuff
  • Babymoon basics
  • Sanity-saving and time-savoring tips
  • Recovering from your family travel hangover


Dreaming of travel, with the Travel Mamas' Guide

Me dreaming of travel, with the Travel Mamas' Guide


I highly recommend this book – it’s a fun read - full of inspiration, great tips, and the confidence that anyone can travel with their kids. It will change lives!


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