Expedia Travel Expert Sarah Gavin Shares Best Tips for Travel Savings

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For most of us, there is great joy in planning a vacation - the anticipation and research can be thrilling, but it can also be a little overwhelming.  With the summer travel season in full swing, there are countless insider tricks and tips travelers should arm themselves with to guarantee a smooth vacation experience, and most importantly, maximize savings. Travel Expert Sarah Gavin shares her tips to help us find those deals and make the most of our remaining summer vacation time. Part foodie, part tech geek, part mom, part traveler, Gavin can be found strolling through the shops of Manhattan or sitting poolside in Mexico in her free time. She hangs her hat in the burbs of Seattle, Washington at the intersection of everything she loves - travel, technology, and motherhood.  

Expedia Travel Expert Sarah Gavin Shares Best Tips for Travel Savings

We asked Gavin the following questions, which she answered on video...

1. What travel tips do you have for maximizing travel savings?

2. Travel planning can be very stressful - what travel hacks do you suggest, for family travelers?

3. What might people not know about travel planning, in general?

4. How can family travelers find places to visit that aren't super touristy and are welcoming to families?



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