Experience the Power and the Glory at Bothwell Castle, Scotland

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News from Historic Scotland:

The infamous Archibald the Grim – feared throughout Scotland in the late 14th century – descends on the formidable bastion of Bothwell Castle at the beginning of next month.  And those who are brave enough to come along and meet the man named for his ferocity will have a chance to hear first-hand his ambitious plans to dominate the country.


Bothwell Castle, with its vast battlements and impressive circular towers provides a dramatic backdrop for The Power and The Glory on Sunday 1st August.


This colourful family event features exciting demonstrations of the weaponry of the period, with combat displays and demonstrations of archery and the great sword. 


There will be an opportunity for visitors to try out their own prowess with the bow and they’ll also be able to find out about the tactics employed in medieval warfare and the role of siege engines.  Archibald’s men will be on the look-out for fresh new recruits so youngsters will get a chance to learn if they have what it takes to join ‘Archie’s Army’.


The Power and The Glory, from 12.30pm to 4.30pm, is included in the cost of admission to Bothwell Castle (adult - £3.70; child - £2.20; concession - £3.00; Historic Scotland members - free). The programme is as follows:


12.30              ‘A Douglas A Douglas’

Meet Archibald the Grim, the Douglas family’s most fearsome member, and hear of his ambition and tales of glory on the battlefield


1.00    The Warbow

An exciting display on the archer’s equipment, tactics and skills


1.30    We’re on the march with Archie’s Army

The search is on for likely young recruits for Archibald the Grim’s army


2.00    Combat Challenge

See the soldiers show their prowess with the great sword


2.30    How to Besiege a Castle

A light-hearted demonstration with model siege engines in the art of attacking a castle


3.00    Wappinshaw (Weapon Show)

View an array of weaponry and learn how they were brutally used to great effect


3.30    Departure

Archibald the Younger leaves Bothwell and heads to Edinburgh


(In addition to the above programme, from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm, try your hand at archery outside the castle walls.)



    * Bothwell Castle, Scotland’s largest and finest 13th-century castle, is situated at Uddingston off the B7071. Postcode G71 8BL.


    * Bothwell Castle is just one of 345 outstanding heritage properties and sites in the care of Historic Scotland.  Ranging from prehistoric dwellings to medieval castles, and from cathedrals to industrial buildings, these include some of the leading tourism attractions in the country. Among the most popular are Edinburgh, Stirling and Urquhart Castles, Skara Brae, and the Border Abbeys.  For further details of all of Historic Scotland’s sites visit: www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/places.


    * Historic Scotland’s Mission is: to safeguard Scotland’s historic environment and to promote its understanding and enjoyment.