Family Fun: Learning at Legoland

Learning at Legoland
By Bridget Smith, Author The Unauthorized Legoland Guidebook

A visit to a theme park can seldom be considered an “educational experience”, but Legoland California offers much to stimulate young minds and imaginations.


The Obama Inauguration at Legoland

The Obama Inauguration at Legoland



•    Dramatic Arts: Legoland’s “Journey to the Lost Temple” show involves more than thirty young volunteers from the audience.

•    Art History: “The Art of Lego” exhibit that sits above Miniland USA displays lego reproductions of paintings of many different genres.  Enjoy works by artists from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol.

•    History:The Block of Fame” displays the busts of many famous historical figures.

•    Geography/ Architecture Miniland USA contains reproductions of many famous American cities.  Since they are all displayed together it is very fun to see the diversity of architectural styles in our great country.  From San Francisco Victorians to the elegant landmarks of our nation’s capitol, kids will love studying the detail with which these cities are depicted.

•    Automotive and Structural Engineering:  The “Build and Test Zone” gives kids the opportunity to build and race their own Lego vehicles.  Adjacent to the Build and Test is an area that is often overlooked, but kids will have fun trying to build a Duplo tower that can withstand a simulated earthquake.

•    Robotics:  If you have a child age eight or older, make sure that you sign up for a Lego Mindstorm session as soon as you enter the park.  Kids will have the chance to build a Lego Mindstorm robot and program it to perform tasks.

•    Marine Biology and Conservation:  The new Sea Life Aquarium provides lots of information about marine life as well as two separate touch pool areas for kids to explore.  The Sea Life Organization is actively involved in conservation projects and information about its work is shared throughout the aquarium.  The aquarium also hosts special events with eco-friendly crafts.


The White House at Legoland

The White House at Legoland



Make sure that your Legoland adventure includes a visit to the Lego Factory Tour.  Kids get to take a closer look at how Legos are made!



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