Foodie Finds: Michael's Chicago-Style Red Hots

by Brianna Krueger / Jul 25, 2012 /
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Michael's Chicago Style hot dogs are red hot, red delicious.

While not located in Chicago, but in the suburb of Buffalo Grove, IL (North of Chicago), Michael’s is worth the venture out to suburbia. Their food has served me  since 1990 - well maybe not then because I didn't have teeth, but at least since the early 90's and is still a place I will make a stop at when I visit my Grandma in Chicago.

Michael's Chicago-Style Red Hots

And not a thing has changed, perhaps an updated, more stylish menu board, but not the actual menu. The store, which opened in 1985, still looks like it popped out of the 80's with its boldly colored shapes on the walls, chunky block glass, and retro chairs.

Michael's Chicago-Style Red Hots

Luckily the food isn't as old, but it's ever so good. One taste of their cheese fries and you will never want cheese fries from anywhere else. The cheese is thick, almost chunky cheese, with a sharp and tangy taste. Just writing about it makes my stomach crave for it because it's unlike any other melted cheese that other restaurants try to pass off.

Michael's Chicago-Style Red Hots

Of course, I can't talk about Michael's without talking about their red hots. Served on seeded buns and topped with whatever your heart desires, these hot dogs are sure to satisfy with their fresh, delicious taste...not to mention their long length.

Michael's Chicago-Style Red Hots

Michael's menu is also sure to satisfy any other craving you have. Offering items ranging from burgers, to gyros, to wraps, to salads, to potatoes, to ice cream; there's something for everyone. (And might I recommend adding a made-from-scratch milkshake because they're sure to top off your taste buds.) Michael's also prides themselves as 'not fast food.. good fast food' by making sure all their food has good quality and by offering healthy choices.

Michael's Chicago-Style Red Hots

Let your taste buds be the judge of just how good this 'good fast food' is.

Michael's Chicago Style Red Hots
340 West Half Day Road  Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
(847) 634-3294

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