Foodie Heaven: Germany vs Thailand

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Jul 18, 2012 / 1 comments

One of my favorite ways to enjoy travel is to sample food around the world. Every country has its own menu, with traditional desserts, snacks, and entrees. Trying them all is an adventure!

In Thailand, you’re never sure what you’ll end up with. Here, food can be bought in markets and at restaurants. My family prefers to explore the markets, searching for the best deals and bargaining with the vendors. It’s dirty, loud, unorganized, and a treat for the average adventurer!

Most meals here are relatively normal, and include at least one of the following: rice, noodles, soup. But then there are other foods that are weird in the extreme. For example, in many markets in Southern Thailand, you can easily find egg kebabs. These consist of three whole eggs, shell and all, stuck on a stick and grilled. In another stall, you can order a “pork” sausage, in reality stuffed with chunks of processed pork, noodles, and rice. Not finding these foods strange enough for your tastes? Try one of the grilled chicken heads, or some delicious chicken feet! The added challenge of not being able to speak Thai makes eating an everyday adventure for my family!

In Germany, things are run a little differently. Here, food is kept clean in brightly colored packaging depicting the typical country farm. Bread is stored in boxes, so that well-dressed customers can make their selections without contaminating the other produce. Everything is clean, quiet, and well-organized.

Here the average everyday dinner would consist of bread, cheeses, sausages, and fruits. Like most of Europe, Germans eat their main meal of the day at noon, and dinner is a relatively simple thing. The foods are relatively normal. The only strange food I’ve ever seen in Germany was a pig's head being boiled into soup.



What are some of the strangest foods you’ve tried around the world?



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  • Ed Forteau

    12 years 5 days ago

    I love Thai food.  Sounds like authentic Thai food is a bit different than what I am use to.  And it sounds like the Germans are clean and organized in everything they do...which includes food.

    Ed Forteau

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