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by Lexa Pennington /
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Jul 27, 2012 / 0 comments

The Olympics are a time of joy and celebration, a coming together of competition and countries, to compete at the best of their ability, in a sport they love. We spectators get to see this unfold, all in glorious technicolour, like a good soap opera with a bit of national pride thrown in for good measure.

London is this year’'s host of the Olympic Games, in case you weren'’t which case, where you have you been?!

Competition for tickets has been fierce, and those lucky enough to get that all important golden ticket to any event will surely have a fantastic time. If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the opening or closing ceremony,– well, I'’m very jealous!

London, and the UK as a whole, will benefit immensely from hosting this year’s Olympics, with a much needed cash injection thanks to the upsurge in visitations from tourists, as well as showcasing all the best that the capital has to offer -– which incidentally, is quite a lot!

The opening ceremony kicks off proceedings tonight, heralding the start of a long-awaited and much publicised major event. The details of the ceremony are kept under wraps as a surprise on the night, but I'’m sure it will be spectacular. If you’'re lucky and you got tickets, then I'’d recommending making your travel arrangements as stress-free as possible. One idea is to consider flying down to the capital, rather than driving. I can see the major plus points to this, because sitting in London traffic at the best of times is never fun, add to that the extra volume from the Olympics and it'’s sure to be extremely busy.

Whilst in the capital, combine your sporting stay with a spot of shopping maybe, hitting Oxford Street and calling in at Harrods, because quite frankly it would be rude not to! Alternatively, hit the tourist trail and take in the major sightseeing spots, such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the imposing London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. Remember your camera!

Maybe a show? There are numerous ones available, and I really enjoyed The Lion King recently. Around the theatre areas, and indeed in London as a whole, there are many top-class eateries for every budget and palate –so you'’re sure not to starve!

Of course, events are happening up and down the country over the next two weeks, so consider making travel easier for that too, with flying an option here also. Bristol Airport Parking is available, with fantastic rates.


This summer is all about sport, and all eyes will be on London. Get in on the action and head to the capitol.