Hiking in Benicassim, Spain – in photos.

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Dec 20, 2010 / 0 comments

If you read No Time Zone. No Jet Lag. Living The FIB Time Warp, you know that I was in Benicassim, Spain in July — when it’s really hot. Yet, the  Deserte de les Palmes, a mountain range about 18km long just minutes outside Benicassim, beckoned the hiker in me and a few other bloggers who were on this trip thanks to the Land of Valencia.

The solution, go hiking in the evening. We set out around 7pm and got back for dinner at 10pm and the FIB at midnight. Yes, it was a bit of a time warp.

Enjoy the hike.

Road sign for Castell Montornes

After visiting the 17th century monastery near the start of the hike, we aimed for the Castle Montornes.

Our hiking guide.

Our hiking guide. The castle is at the top of the hill in the background.

hiking along side of mountain

This is our crew at the start of the hike.

View of Banicassim

View of Banicassim from the top.

The flora.

The flora.

The castle ruin at the top.

The castle ruin at the top.

Mountain range with palms along the top.

Dusk fell quickly. The palms along the top look like a camel train. Magical views in all directions.



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