Himalayan and Everest Climbing and Walking with Dan Mazur

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Himalayan and Everest Climbing and Walking with Dan Mazur

My name is Dan Mazur. I lead affordable Himalayan and Everest climbing and walking for SummitClimb, SummitTrek. I also work on volunteer charity with Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development. Please join me and our fun teams of men and women in the mountains.


In just 55 days, on March 29th, we visit Everest and her surrounding peaks. The Nepal and Tibet season begins in late March through June, then again in September through December. These seasons have the best weather and life is quiet, peaceful, and friendly out in the Himalaya.


Please register now for 2011. I welcome you and friends to join our fun teams, so thanks for sharing this with everyone, and tell your friends to mention your name when contacting us. We pay a 5% cash commission when your friends sign up.


URGENT NOTE FOR SPRING EXPEDITIONS: We need to know urgently if you will be with us so we can book accommodation, place your name on the permit and order the best sherpas and oxygen for the expeditions. Thank you very much for emailing and/or telephoning to confirm your place on our climbs.


PAYMENT NEWS: *Special Notice* Charge your expedition to your credit card. Earn valuable points and pay off the balance gradually over time. Please visit www.SummitClimbPayment.com.


Join Everest leader Dan Mazur for a free of cost, no charge skiing, snowboarding, and climbing trip to France for 11 days: 26 February - 8 March. Dan is volunteering his time; you just pay the local fees: www.AlpsMeet.com.


Have you thought of climbing Everest? Join us in April and May in Nepal and Tibet for a summit climb from the south or north side. We have great prices and the most qualified American, British, and European Leaders including Dan Mazur and Arnold Coster. Our Sherpas and equipment are excellent. We have led 15 teams to the top. www.EverestTibetClimb.com & www.EverestNepalClimb.com .

Want to walk to Everest basecamp on wide snow-free trails? It only takes a few weeks in April and May. Join Dan Mazur and Arnold Coster for a lovely walk in Nepal or Tibet. www.EverestNepalWalk.com & www.EverestTibetWalk.com


Climb something high and fun, but lower, cheaper and less time than Everest -

Try high altitude on a medium sized mountain in a month or less. Explore a variety of options to climb and /or learn:


www.EverestGlacierSchool.com - 22 days (or 7 day course only), March-April, May, or Oct. Learn glacier climbing on 6000 meter / 20,000 ft peak. Leader Max Kausch and Raj Thapa. Visit Everest basecamp.


www.NorthColClimb.com - 28 days. March-April or April-May. 'Easy' 7000 meter / 23,000 ft peak. Leader Arnold Coster. Same route as Everest Tibet. Do well in April: transfer to Everest or Cho Oyu.


www.EverestTrainingClimb.com - 31 days (or 16 day climb only). April or May. Leader Dan Mazur teaches everything you need to know. Same route as Mt. Everest Nepal; stop in camp 3 at 7300 meter / 24,000 ft. Good altitude test. Check out Everest in a short time for much less money. Do well in April: transfer to Everest or Lhotse.

Ready to go for one of the 6 largest mountains in the world, but not Everest? Please try our famous 8000 meter / 26,000 foot peaks:


www.ChoOyuClimb.com - 38 days. April-May or Sept-Oct. Leaders Dan Mazur and Max Kausch. 'Easiest' "8,000 meter" / 26,000 ft peak. The best possible preparation for Everest.


www.LhotseClimb.com - 68 days. March-June. Leader: Dan Mazur. Climb Everest route; branch off before high camp; ascend Lhotse Couloir. High summit, low cost.


What are you doing later in 2011 during July and in September, October, November and December?

Announcing a new trip to Pakistan: Climb Broad Peak, one of the world's "easiest" 8000 meter/26,000 foot high mountains: 17 June to 5 August, 2011. www.BroadPeakClimb.com . $12,050, £7550, €8650. Leader Max Kausch was in Pakistan climbing Gasherbrum 1 & 2 in 2010, so he knows the ropes.


www.MustagataClimb.com - 25 days, July. 'Easy' 7500 m / 24,500 ft peak. Ski, snowboard, and snowshoe. Qualify for Everest.


www.CascadeGlacierSchool.com - 7 days in July. Free of cost. No charge. Leader: Dan Mazur. Learn glacier climbing. Attempt a 4500 meter / 14,500 ft peak.


www.AmaDablamClimb.com - 32 days Oct-Nov. 6800 meters / 22,300 ft. Asia's best snow, ice, rock, and climbable-technical. Qualify for Everest.


www.BaruntseClimb.com - 34 days. Oct-Nov. Leader Dan Mazur. Nepal's 'easy' 7000 m / 23,000 ft peak. Includes www.TrekMera.com & famous Amphu-Labtsa pass.


www.MeraClimb.com - 22 days in October. Leader Dan Mazur. 6500 meter / 21,000 ft 'easy' trekking peak in gorgeous remote area of Nepal with pristine forests & rivers.


www.EverestGlacierSchool.com - 22 days (or 7 day course only) in October. Learn glacier climbing on 6000 meter / 20,000 ft peak. Leader Max Kausch and Raj Thapa. Visit Everest basecamp.


www.EverestNepalWalk.com - 18 days in October. Walk wide, snow-free trails to the world's most beautiful basecamp.


Are you more focused on charity-volunteer work?


www.RemoteNepalServiceWalk.org - 15 days: June or Nov-Dec. Walk low-altitude hills near Everest. Bring medicine and education. Visit friendly Sherpas.


CONTACT ME NOW FOR A CONVERSATION ABOUT MOUNTAINS, OUR FAVORITE TOPIC! I am available to speak about climbing, walking and charity volunteer programmes. Please send email or telephone at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


UNABLE TO ATTEND IN 2011? Please join us in 2012 or 2013, as all trips run every year.


I am now in our offices organizing 2011 trips. Please feel free to ring me at the following numbers (note: if I'm out climbing or skiing in our local mountains, please leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible) : 360.570.0715     

Thanks for telling all of your friends and welcome to our team.


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