Information to include on your pet’s identification tag

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Whether home or away, one of the greatest fears of any pet parent is becoming separated from their furry baby.
When traveling, factors including being in unfamiliar surroundings, becoming frightened by a strange noise, sneaking out of a hotel room or even the instinct to run and hide can increase the risk of a dog or cat ‘getting away.’
Making sure your pet is wearing an identification tag on his/her collar is always recommended when traveling. However, the information included on the tag can make a difference in being reunited with your lost pet.
·     Instead of featuring your pet’s name on the tag, include yours as a contact. When a pet’s name is included, the person finding the animal will get a reaction when addressing him or her by name. This can lead to quick bonding and in some instances, may make the person less likely to try to contact you.

·     Include your cell phone number and your email address. If you are traveling out of the country and do not have international calling on your phone, even if the person finding your pet attempts to make contact, they will be unable to reach you. An email address is a free and easy way to reach you. In addition, you will also be able to check your email from many locations.

·     List the word “Reward” so the person finding your pet knows he or she is loved and valued. This can also be incentive for your pet’s safe return.

Pet tags can be purchases and personalized at mass retailers like Pet Smart, Pet Supermarket and PetCo. A quick Internet search will also provide you with dozens of companies offering stylish tags that can be custom designed.



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