Le Shuttle: Travel Across the English Channel - with Pets

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Le Shuttle Offers A Great Way To Travel With Pets Across The English Channel.  Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is a service that transports passengers and their cars via train between Folkestone, England and Calais, France. Faster than traveling by Ferry, Le Shuttle takes only 35 minutes to make the trip. Prices start at $35.62 or £22. All fares include the car and up to 9 passengers. There is no charge for fuel or luggage.

The best part for travelers - Le Shuttle is very pet friendly. They consider pets part of the family, so they are treated just like human passengers. They get to travel in your vehicle with you!

The fee for dogs, cats, and ferrets is $24 USD or £15 (registered guide and assistance dogs travel free). Rabbits, rodents, water mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects also travel free of charge.

Le Shuttle has a trained pet staff, offers dedicated exercise areas at their stations and even complimentary doggie waste bags.

From the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle website:

All pet dogs, cats and ferrets (including guide and hearing dogs) can enter or re-enter the UK from any country in the world without quarantine provided they meet the rules of the scheme, which will be different depending on the country or territory the pet is coming from. Please remember you are responsible for ensuring this is the case for your cat, dog, or ferret prior to travel.


Companion animals do need proper documentation for traveling, including a pet passport, a microchip, proof of rabies vaccination, and for dogs only, proof of tapeworm treatment. More information is included in the FAQ section, on their website.

According to Le Shuttle, more than 48% of the pets entering into the United Kingdom choose Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.  More than 600,000 pets have used the service to date.






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