A Lesson in Italian Salami & Sausage Making

Two Italians from Le Marche (Vittorio & Dott. Gaggi) make 40 kilos of salami and sausages for curing in this short fun video! This is a celebrated tradition of Italy. Recently, we made our yearly pilgrimage to "Vittorio's Meat Laboratory" along the Adriatic Sea. There is no sign along the road, just a massive palm tree out front & a tiny unassuming converted garage in the back - that's where the magic happens! Vittorio is our 83 year old friend who has 2 passions in life: 1. dancing with his beautiful wife, Antonella, and 2. curing meat! Every winter he turns thousands of kilos of raw pork into sausages, salami, lonzo and pancetta all for his lucky and hungry friends & family! This is a look into his world...






Making Italian Sausages, Le Marche, Italy



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All photos and video courtesy and copyright La Tavola Marche