Little Passports Fun: Brazil

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Jul 02, 2009 / 0 comments

Wandering Educators note:

Last month, we got the first package of Little Passports, a subscription-based monthly mailing that revolutionizes the way children
are inspired by, and learn about, other countries and cultures.
Delightfully different, a Little Passports subscription surprises children each month, inspiring them to become global citizens. We were lucky enough to interview Amy Kanter about Little Passports


Little Passports


Here's an update:



I love the Little Passports! Last month when I first got my starter kit, I couldn't WAIT for the next installment. And, I hoped that there was more.

Yesterday we got the next month's Little Passports package in the mail. It was exciting! It was about Brazil - a puzzle to do, and a REALLY cool amethyst, and games and a letter from Sam and Sofia and a funny red photo. It made me laugh!

I learned about Brazil. Now I want to go there! But I'll avoid the snakes. I also logged in online and played the games about Brazil. Did you know that the Amazon River is the widest river in the world? We played a cool trivia quiz and I got hungry, learning about feiojada. Now, we will have to look up a recipe and make it.

I love this month's package from Little Passports. The most special thing was the amethyst. I learned all about Brazil and can't wait for the next month's package. I wish it would come more often! I also wish that they had recipes because I love to cook and eat. I like the stickers and 'traveling' around the world even though I am learning at home.


I hope that you can get Little Passports for your kids. They will love it.


Little Passports



This product has been developed to capture the imagination and interest
of children six to ten years of age. Each subscription, including
mailings and online games, is priced at $10.95 per month and is
available exclusively at


About Little Passports, LLC
Little Passports is a ground-breaking and socially responsible company
dedicated to inspiring children to become global citizens. The company,
based in San Francisco, CA, is founded by two e-commerce veterans who
are moms committed to developing educational, entertaining, innovative
and affordably priced products. For more information, please visit




L Forteau, 6, is the Children's Special Reporter for Wandering Educators.