The Many Benefits of Leisure Travel

by Asako Maruoka /
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Dec 03, 2011 / 0 comments

The benefits you can get from leisure travel are incredible, and are a big part of people’s lives. Lucky for us, technology has afforded us the chance to travel anywhere, if only we take the time to actually travel.

For many people, leisure travel is a way to reward themselves after working hard, while for some, traveling is a routine that can’t be broken. People, both old and young alike, love traveling. For older people, leisure travel could include relaxing on a cruise, by the beach, or going on pre-planned tours on a bus with plenty of other people.

For younger people however, leisure travel is finding that next great adventure, getting lost in extraordinary and exotic places, eating exotic delicacies, and backpacking through Europe, America, Asia, or Australia. For them, everything is possible, and it’s what makes traveling more exciting.

So whether sightseeing, visiting museums, temples, beaches, historical sites, rainforests, mountains, parks, aquariums, cruising, backpacking, or whatever activity  floats your boat, you come back from your travels different and for the better. Below are just some of the great benefits you can get from leisure travel.

•    Leisure travel provides you unlimited opportunities to learn things about yourself and the world around you

Traveling gives you the chance to increase your knowledge and wisdom about yourself and the world, in order to widen your perspective on many things. From seeing Paris atop the Eiffel Tower, running with the bulls in Spain, getting lost in the temples of Asia and the pyramids of Egypt, taking in the world from on high in the Swiss Alps, dancing in the Carnivale at Brazil, or taking a road trip in America, you will experience a lot of things that will take you out of your comfort zone. You may be afraid at times, but this is normal.

Likewise, traveling gives us a chance to feel like a kid again and discover people and places you only get to see on TV, books, and the Internet. When you travel to different places, you will be able to better understand the people who live there, their background, history, and culture. You will be able to experience firsthand the differences and similarities you have with them.

•    Traveling lets you create your own treasure box of memories that will surely last you a lifetime.

When traveling, you will get to experience and see the world, and keep all the memories you have from your journeys. You meet new people which can turn into lifelong friends, or fall head over heels with a place that you will come back to visit time and time again. Every single journey is different, and you will treasure each and every second of it by yourself or with a loved one.

Likewise, when you travel with your loved ones, you create and share memories that you can treasure collectively. What’s better than traveling with those that you love? In addition, giving your loved ones a travel experience to remember is far better and more fulfilling than merely giving them material presents. Presents break and get old, while memories last forever.

•    Leisure travel promotes quality bonding time away from all the stresses of daily life.

In relation to the above, traveling is a great way to bond with your loved ones because you will be away from the stresses of work and typical family life. When you travel, you will also get to know more about your family since nothing will distract you from having the time of your lives. Ultimately, what matters in life is your family relations and the good and fun memories you create together, not the money you have in your bank.

•    Travel provides you with the chance to heal your heart and soul.

If you’re in the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with a tragic loss of a loved one, traveling can make you see that indeed there is life after death or a major loss, and that you can go on living your life. When you immerse yourself in new experiences and see the wonders the world has to offer, you will realize that everything is possible. This does not mean that you will be healed instantly; rather, traveling can take you one step forward to healing yourself.

•    Traveling revitalizes and refreshes not only your body, but most importantly, your mind and soul as well.

According to different studies, leisure travel is actually a necessity more important than any material thing your money can buy - so invest wisely. This is especially true for people with very stressful jobs. Nowadays, relaxing on weekends at home is simply not enough to recharge their batteries. What works is traveling to different places occasionally. Money need not be a concern since you can travel to places nearer to home and still get the same benefits.
After traveling, all your stress will go out the window and you will be able to face your job and work more productively, all the while planning your next journey.

•    Lastly, leisure travel affords you the chance to live your life like there’s no tomorrow.

Traveling gives you that general sense of freedom and wonderment and makes you feel more alive. It doesn’t matter what state or country you end up going to - what matters is that you decided to get out and travel. Likewise, as the old saying goes, there’s no time like the present, so better be on your way if you want to reap all the benefits leisure travel has to offer.