My Itchy Travel Feet with Donna Hull

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I'm very excited to share a great travel resource with our Wandering Educators today. We first met Donna Hull (and her site, My Itchy Travel Feet)
online at TBEX, the Travel Blog Exchange. We met her in person at the
Chicago TBEX conference this past summer! She then went on a 52-day cruise from Vancouver to Singapore and we've finally gotten to share her site now with our readers. My Itchy Travel Feet is an incredible travel site that focuses on travel for baby boomers. However, I think *anyone* would love digging into her extensive site. She writes so compellingly of the trips she has taken that you just want to go along with her. We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Donna about her site, traveling, and more. Here's what she had to say...



WE:  Please tell us about your site, My Itchy Travel Feet...

DH: At My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer's Guide to Travel,
I write about active travel for baby boomers. Using my personal
experiences and references, I advise boomers on where to go, what to
do, where to stay, where to dine and how to plan for an active trip. My
goal is to encourage baby boomers to get up off the couch and go.


Donna Hull



WE:  What was the inspiration for your site?

DH: When my husband and I took a long cruise in 2006, I looked
for a way to stay in touch with family and friends. A personal blog at turned out to be the perfect vehicle for that. Although
I wrote it for family and friends, I allowed public access. When I
realized how many views the blog was getting, I decided that blogging
could be a good way to promote my travel writing. About the same time,
I started fielding questions about our trips from my readers; plus, I
was meeting many boomers who were taking all sorts of exciting
journeys. In researching the topic on the internet, I discovered a
void which I gladly filled.



WE:  What can readers expect to find on My Itchy Travel Feet?

DH: Readers will find honest reviews on activities,
destinations, lodging, dining, gear and planning tools, all based upon
my own experience as a baby boomer traveler. The posts are illustrated
with my photos as well as those of my husband, Alan. I publish a mix of
articles covering domestic and international travel as well as
introducing a wide variety of activities.



WE:  What is special about boomer travel?

DH: Many boomers have the luxury of time, which allows them to
approach travel on a deeper level. And I think boomers are looking for
experiences they may have missed during their working years, while
others are interested in the challenge of learning something new
whether that's a new language or a sport they haven't tried yet.



WE:  How do you suggest boomers get involved with the local communities, when they travel? How can they give back?

DH: One way boomers can contribute to a local community during
travel is to support local shopkeepers, restaurants and other local
establishments. We want to make sure the money goes into their pockets
rather than an international company. While I haven't participated in a
volunteer vacation, those are becoming popular and more readily
available. I think that would be a wonderful way to combine travel with
local awareness.


Donna Hull



WE:  Is there anything that you'd like to share with us?

DH: I'd like to remind boomers, and all travelers, that travel
is possible even in a down economy. Adjust your trips to what is
possible for you but don't stop going, even if it means becoming a
tourist in your 
own town or state. Travel keeps us vibrant, enhancing our lives. Keep those itchy travel feet moving.



WE: Thanks so much, Donna! Your site is an incredible resource.

For more information, please see:


Photos courtesy and copyright of Donna Hull.

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