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by Brianna Nema /
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May 30, 2012 / 1 comments

To have passion is to have a strong controllable emotion toward a hobby, object, or anything, for that matter. When asked “what is your passion?” I had contemplated what it really was for several days. I have many passions, including creating music, working with fashion, and painting. However, I realized that I do not do any of these actions as often as I would with what my most treasured passion is - taking crisp macro photos. Whereever I go, even if it's just outside my house to take a walk, I always try to remember to bring my digital camera along. And whenever I find myself taking photos, I often end up in some odd position, either lying on the dirt or stretching as far out as I can to capture a sharp macro photo, usually of nature at its finest. In my opinion, macro photos are the most appealing to the eye, even though it's only one object.





Luck! That was what enable me to capture this dragonfly. While I was hiking on the Appalachian Trail, it seemed as though a black dust ball had raced in front of me. I quickly swirled to the left and there was that dust ball! Except this dust ball was a common dragonfly. Then I rapidly began to take photo after photo of this insect, inching closer every few seconds. Despite the fact that I pointed a camera inches away from the dragonfly, the creature had not bothered fleeing from my sight, since it was too busy indulging on another insect. Once it had finished its meal, the dragonfly immediately took off. We were both then filled with content. That hungry critter was able to fill its stomach, while I was able to fill up my camera's memory card with many lovely photos. When I look back at this image, I am still amazed that I was able to encounter such a rare sight. 



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  • Alison Cornford...

    12 years 2 weeks ago

    Brianna, this is a wonderful photo! I'm a huge fan of macro photography as well and often find myself on my belly in the middle of a dirt path to get the best angle on a flower :) Beautifully done!

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