Nature and Creativity in Godfjorden, Norway

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Godfjorden (or Godfjord) is a fjord on the west side of the fourth largest island in Norway, Hinnøya. Recent changes in government, communication, and transportation have increased traffic to the island via ferry.


Godfjorden (or Godfjord) is a fjord on the west coast of Hinnøya, Norway. Dock and mountains


In Rokenes, on the east side of the bay, you'll find a former fish factory, post office, and shop. Further inland, you can find Gunnesdal (where the local school closed in 2004) and the Austre Godfjord Cemetery. A little further, and you'll discover Hysteinnesstranda, Bjørnrå, and Inner- Bjørnrå - the last village on the east side of the bay with a permanent settlement.


Lone house on Godfjorden, Hinnøya, Norway


Around 80 families live here, and are very creative! The people in the boat, and the treewoman, are made by people live in Godfjord.


Creativity in a boat! Godfjorden, Hinnøya, Norway

Going fishing?


Treewoman. Godfjorden, Hinnøya, Norway



I love to visit Godfjord for the beautiful scenery and photo ops! Here, you can find the sea, mountains, and woods - and wildlife!


Eagles near the fjord, Northern Norway


Eagles at Godfjorden, Hinnøya, Norway


All photos taken on  Feb 27, 2014 from Godfjord, Sortland in Vesterålen, Norway.



Benny Høynes is the Norway Editor for Wandering Educators

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