Onolicious Burgers at Heeia Kea Pier

by Austin Weihmiller / May 05, 2012 /
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Take a right onto Kamehameha Highway. Meander with the highway as it winds its way along the coast. When the surrounding jungle gets so thick it seems as though you’ve entered Jurassic Park, continue straight. (Hopefully the dinosaurs aren’t as hungry as you and will stay behind the fence.) Over a moss covered bridge, and around one more sharp bend, and there it is: Heeia Kea Boat Pier.


Onolicious Burgers at Heeia Kea Pier



It really seems like nothing exciting could happen on the pier. A mix of sailboats and motorboats bob around. A majority of them seem to be fishing boats. The blue waters of Kaneohe Bay lap up against the pier. Locals may remember the pier being headquarters for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. But that’s a different story…

If you wander down the pier, you’ll find the tiny hole in the wall Heeia Kea Pier General Store and Deli. Yeah, it’s a mouth full. But Chef Mark Noguchi can make one mean island style burger. 


Onolicious Burgers at Heeia Kea Pier


Onolicious Burgers at Heeia Kea Pier



Walking up to the deli, you’ll find a small outdoor lanai with two long communal tables, and a bar alongside an order up counter. The colorful menu may be short, but the foods he has up on that menu are to die for. Steaming burgers are just coming out of the kitchen. The beef is juicy and farmed from locals on island. The fish is so fresh, it was probably swimming in Kaneohe Bay yesterday. Burgers are sold with fries, and every other dish with Hawaiian sticky rice. For those health conscious eaters, you can choose a side of brown rice. Getting there at two in the afternoon means just about everything will be sold out. Mark’s island famous Guava Chicken, and my personal favorite, the burgers, are still being cooked. With reasonable prices, you can get a large soda or other beverage, and food for about nine or ten dollars.


Onolicious Burgers at Heeia Kea Pier



Mark Noguchi, or just ‘Gooch’ to his friends, has one impressive résumé, working at some of Honolulu’s nicest restaurants, including Chef Mavro’s and Town. Don’t expect mood lighting and candles heading to Heeia Pier though. It’s a very local style experience. Mark just sort of happened upon cooking. He had a chance to take a cooking class at KCC, (Kapiolani Community College), and the rest is history. Mark loves giving back to the community, and cooking is his way of doing just that! With a 30 year lease on the deli, it looks like there’ll be lots of giving back to the community with food.


Onolicious Burgers at Heeia Kea Pier




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  • Ed Forteau

    7 years 2 months ago

    Funny and informative.  I love burgers, and this sounds like a place I have to visit when I'm in Hawaii.

    Ed Forteau
    Publisher, WanderingEducators.com

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