Passports with Purpose 2011: Building Libraries in Zambia

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Nov 30, 2011 /
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We're so happy here at Wandering Educators to support humanitarian efforts around the world. This will be the fourth year that we're participating in a philanthropic raffle called Passports with Purpose - a raffle with incredible travel gifts, from travel bloggers and companies all around the world. 
Started by Beth Whitman, Pam Mandel, Debbie Dubrow, and Michelle Duffy, this is an incredible effort by travel bloggers, companies, and readers to change the world. Bravo!

Our past Passports with Purpose efforts have:

2008: Raised money for Heifer International
2009: Built a school in Cambodia
2010: Built 25 homes in South India, with Friends of LAFTI

2011: We'll be raising money to build two libraries in Zambia, with Room to Read.


As we all have traveled around the world, we've seen a plethora of instances where we wish we could help. Here's a way to do just that - and win some extraordinary prizes along the way.


BOOKS! As educators, we thrive on knowledge and are delighted by books. What better way to change the world than by sharing books with those who need it most. Room to Read – Passport with Purpose’s partner for the 2011 PWP, is an incredible organization. YOUR money from the raffle will go to construct two libraries in Zambia, all the library resources inside the library (books!), teacher training, and three years of support. After three years, the library will be handed over to the government school system.


We’ve partnered with Grand Trunk (whom we just love)!

Grand Trunk has graciously donated a Bamboo Blend Traveler’s Pack – which includes a Bamboo Blend sleep sack, bed sheet, pillowcase (all 100% viscose from bamboo), and a towel (70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton).  These are great travel items – and they all pack down to about the size of a pair of socks! Never worry about bed bugs (or space in your luggage from carrying sheets) again.  These bamboo items wash easily, protect you from dodgy bedding and insects, are cool in warm temps and warm in cool temps, stretch, dry quickly, and draw perspiration away from your body.  Retail Value: $219.95.


Check out the details and photos (Bed, books, and photogenic family not included in this raffle!)...


The Bamboo Sleep Sack: features a top pillow compartment, has a split side with ties, an attached stuff sack, and measures 85 inches by 30 inches while weighing 6 oz. The New York Times voted Grand Trunk's Silk Sleep Sack as the #1 Travel Gift under $60.00.


Grand Trunk Bamboo Sleep Sack


Grand Trunk Bamboo Sleep Sack


Grand Trunk Bamboo Sleep Sack


The Bamboo Pillow Case: fits standard size pillows, is soft and stays dry with the moisture wicking fabric, is 35.5 inches by 21 inches, and weighs 5.5 oz.


Grand Trunk Bamboo Pillowcase


Grand Trunk Bamboo Pillowcase


Grand Trunk Bamboo Pillowcase



The Bamboo Towel and Coverup: has a hang loop for fast drying, button holes for adjustability, flat stitching, a small mesh sack for quick drying while you transport it, measures 27.5 inches by 55 inches, and weighs 15 oz.


Grand Trunk Bamboo Towel & Coverup


Grand Trunk Bamboo Towel & Coverup


Grand Trunk Bamboo Towel & Coverup 



The Bamboo Bed Sheet: stretches to fit up to a king size bed, has 12 inch deep elastic corner pockets, has breathable, moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool, measures an elasticized 80 inches by 60 inches, and weighs 25 oz.




Grand Trunk Bamboo Bed Sheet



Grand Trunk Bamboo Bed Sheet



So Grand Trunk... they are the real deal for travelers. Their products range from hammocks (which I love) to shelters (also known as tents for us old schoolers); from  stainless steel eating containers and utensils (reminding me of Indian tiffin tins) to all kinds of comfort goodness, including bamboo sleep sacks, pillows, towels, sheets, and more. Take a look - you'll be impressed at their smart designs, how they thought of what travelers might need, and came up with portable solutions. Another reason to love Grand Trunk? They have a scholarship for study abroad students! BRAVO!


And Grand Trunk, in their own words:

Grand Trunk makes goods for travels, not trips. Trips require luggage. Travels are experiences, the kind that stay with you for the rest of your life. They can't be compressed into a fridge magnet or a tee shirt. They affect who you are, and shape who you'll become. We salute the travelers - explorers of the world, adventurers abroad, weekend warriors, urban campers - who share a belief in discovering the world around them, whether down the street or across the globe. Because we believe that once you’re on the road, anything is possible.



Check out Passports with Purpose and peruse the prizes, which include hotel stays, tours, travel gear, electronics, and more. For each prize you’d like to enter the raffle for, you donate $10. Want more than one prize? Buy more than one ticket! 



November 30: Annual Fundraiser begins. Start your Bidding!
December 16: Last day to purchase raffle tickets.
December 23: Winners notified!



Thank you, Grand Trunk, for your generous donation of the Bamboo Blend Traveler's Pack.

And thank you, readers, for supporting Passports with Purpose, and providing books, education, and literacy in Zambia!




Passports with Purpose is sponsored by: Round the World with Us, Travellerspoint, and HomeAway.






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