Pet Friendly U.S. National Parks

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As summer fades into autumn, the cooling temperatures can be quite inviting for those looking for an outdoor travel adventure.

For people with pets who also like the great outdoors, visiting a United States National Park can be a perfect destination.

Pet-friendly US National Parks

While most National Parks do permit pets, there are some general rules that apply:
•    Pets are only permitted along roadways, developed areas and camping grounds.
•    Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet or must be crated or caged.
•    Pets are not allowed in any buildings, on most trails, beaches or in the wilder areas.

With that said, some National Parks are more pet-friendly than others. For example, Acadia National Park in Maine and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia allow dogs on most trails; Grand Canyon National Park will allow dogs on the trails above the rim, but definitely not below; and Colorado's Great Sands Dunes National Park actually allows 100% access for dogs.

For a complete list of pet friendly national parks listed state by state (complete with their rules), please visit:


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Photo: Denali National Park

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