PetHub helps track lost pets at home or away

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One of the great worries for guardians who travel with their pets is what would happen if their beloved dog or cat were to get lost. After all, whether traveling close to home or overseas, the new environment is completely foreign to the four-legged set. We have all heard the horror stories about people losing pets that have slipped out of hotel rooms or cars, or suddenly jumped out of their guardians’ arms and into a crowd.

PetHub is a new service that not only helps reunite pets with their people, but also helps keep pets safe by being able to provide the person that finds the pet with pertinent information.

Instead of just a regular tag that simply includes a name and phone number, a PetHub ID tag provides immediate one-scan access to critical information such as emergency contacts, necessary medication, allergies, immunizations, vet and insurance providers, dietary needs, and much more.

Unlike microchips that need to be scanned by a veterinary office or animal shelter, anyone with a Smartphone can easily scan the PetHub ID tag or use the Web address on the front of the tag to access the pet's information. When a person who finds a pet scans the ID tag, the guardian can see via GPS where the tag was scanned. This can expedite a happy reunion.

Signing up on PetHub is free. To begin, simply fill out an online pet profile for one or more pets. The profile(s) can then be linked to a PetHub Link ID tag. Tags start at $13.

PetHub offers three subscription options:

Bronze (free): provides unlimited data storage for one or more pets. The PetHub Link ID tag can be linked to these profiles for no more than the cost of the tags/collars. This option is essential for all subscribers.

Silver: $39 per year or $3.95 per month. This option includes storing unlimited data as well as allowing clients to alert local shelters if a pet is lost and to receive email notification with GPS mapping (to know where a pet was found).

Gold: $49 per year or $4.95 per month. Includes everything the Bronze and Silver packages offer, plus it insures the pet with $3000 of emergency coverage (f a pet is injured, the person who finds him/her will see that insurance will cover the vet visit and increases the chance that the person will take the pet to a vet for immediate care). 

If those uncomfortable with an address or phone number showing up when the tag is scanned, one may chose to list a favorite vet, sitter, or other caretaker, or allow people to use the "Contact Owners" button that requires them to fill out a quick note that PetHub then emails directly to the owner/guardian.

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Jodi Ziskin, our Traveling with Pets Editor, is a Holistic Wellness Consultant for Animal Companions, specializing in nutrition and proactive health. She is a Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant who also holds a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Through her company Holistic Jodi, LLC, Jodi makes house calls throughout South Florida, helping cats, dogs, birds and rabbits be as healthy and happy as possible.

She and her husband Zach live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their two cats, Obi and Emma.

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