Photo of the Week June 21, 2010: Monument Valley, Utah

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Monument Valley, Utah


While road tripping across the US, I was able to experience the stunning and desolate landscapes of Utah.  I stopped at many of the National Parks on that trip including the Grand Canyon; but by far my favorite landscape was Monument Valley in Utah.  Often overlooked in lieu of the Grand Canyon, it's worth a stop.  Rock formations jutting from the desert floor provide some super landscapes to photograph.


Monument Valley, Utah 


Sherry Ott is the Photography Editor for Wandering Educators. 

She has been traveling the world for the last 3 ½ years with her camera as her main companion.  She brings us the Photo of the Week from her travels. 

To view more of her photography, visit her portfolio of work at Global Photography by Sherry Ott.  Or if you’d like to read of her travel, expat, and ESL adventures, go to Ottsworld.



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