Photo of the Week, November 8, 2010: Island Oasis - Ischia, Italy

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Island Oasis - Ischia, Italy


I stepped off the ferry in Ischia and I fell back in love with Italy. People here spoke Italian, had real jobs that didn’t center around tourism, and there weren't a barrage of tour operators the moment you stepped off the boat trying to sell you tours and overpriced taxi rides. The island of Ischia is off of the coast of Naples in Campagna.  I wanted to experience locals and see how people live day to day. However – it’s really difficult to do that in places like Capri, Positano, or Sorrento…they exists for tourism. Ischia however is a real working island. Sure – they do have tourists, but they don’t solely depend on them to keep afloat. The island is beautiful and lush, and full of thermal waters and springs…I honestly don’t know why more people don’t travel there…but secretly – I was happy they were all in Capri and Positano! I stayed in Casamicciola, a small fishing town with an amazing view and mountains. The island has an abundance of people, landscapes, and architecture to photograph; the best part is that you'll be all alone.


Ischia, Italy


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