Photo of the Week October 18, 2010: Prime Seat - near Vientiane, Laos

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Prime Seat -  near Vientiane, Laos


I had the opportunity to photograph a boat racing team on the Mekong; an amazing experience.  I made my way down to the muddy river’s edge for my first dip in the Mekong River. The Tha Phra team was in the boat waiting for me, watching me. I gingerly walked out to the front, swung a leg over the side and set foot in the wooden boat. This wasn’t as easy as it would seem; the front of the boat was quite narrow and therefore wobbly. I steadied myself and went to sit down; my hips didn’t fit into the seat, once again reminding me that I am a giant in Asia.


Prime Seat -  near Vientiane, Laos


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