Samsung Galaxy S2: Trailblazing Superphone

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Nov 11, 2011 / 3 comments

Since the iPhone was introduced over 4 years ago, the smartphone was become an extension of our lives. For many people, it has replaced the computer for how we communicate with others, first hear about news, and discover information.  For work it is almost like having an assistant at your fingertips.  And for those of us who travel, it is an easy way to stay connected with our friends and family, and instantly share our journeys with them.


What super smartphones can do now is nothing short of amazing.  You can make a call, send a text, dictate a memo, play music, do a web search, and get driving directions all without touching your phone.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 was the first super smartphone to enter the market, and easily the most anticipated android phone this year.  It was launched in Europe last Spring, and broke sales records by becoming Samsung's fasting selling phone (selling over 5 million phones in the first 85 days from its launch).  It broke new ground for smartphones, and set the bar high for other smartphones to follow.


Samsung Galaxy S2



The Galaxy S2 looks like a fashion accessory.   It is sleek, elegant, and cool.  Its' upscale look reminds you of all the other great products from Samsung (from TVs to Tablets and smartphones, and now even computers).


It has good hand feel.  Even though it has a large screen, it fits comfortably in your hand.  It's very lightweight, yet feels solid.


The Galaxy S2 comes with a blazing fast Dual-Core Processor running at 1.2 to 1.5 GHz.  1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, and is expandible to 32 GB with a Micro SD Card.


All this added power allows you to listen to music, surf the web, answer email, send a text, and run other apps at the same time without sacrificing speed or closing other apps.  Browsing the web has never been faster.  And the lag-time you typically see with other smartphones is gone.  Blazing speed is now the new standard.


Before we got our Galaxy S2 phone,s we owned Droids.  They were only a year and a half old, well-built, and the coolest android phone at the time.  We were happy with the battery life, until we compared it to the Galaxy S2.  Frankly there is no comparison.  We typically had to recharge the droid once or twice a day with normal use and constantly using an app killer.  The Galaxy S2 can run all day on a single charge, with fairly heavy use.  The longer battery life, combined with the speed of the Dual-Core Processor, allows you to do more with this smartphone than you could do with any smartphone before it.


It has a 2 MP front-facing camera for clear and smooth video chatting, and a 8 MP rear-facing camera (with flash) for high resolution photos, and 1080p full HD videos.  The picture and video quality is the best you'll find on a smartphone.  It also comes with a built-in editor, so you can take, edit, and share your photos and video while you're on the go. Easy.  Simple.  And Fast. Take a look at some comparison photos of a rainbow on our lake that we took with our Nikon DSLR and the Samsung Galaxy SII:


Rainbow, Nikon



Rainbow on our lake , Samsung Galaxy S2

 Samsung Galaxy S2






The Super AMOLED Plus display is the brightest, clearest display you will find on any android phone.  The colors are bold and vivid.  The blacks are dark and rich.  You don't get the washed out colors you typically find in other smartphones.  Viewing your display in direct sun light is not an issue with this phone.  The colors pop, and the text is clear and sharp. 


It also has some custom applications, like Kies Air, which allows you to access your smartphone on your computer through your wireless network.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is sold by Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.


Sprint was the first to offer the Galaxy S2.  They offer it with a 4.5 inch display, and a 1.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor.  Sprint is the only network to provide unlimited data.


AT&T was the second major carrier to offer the Galaxy S2.  Their model comes with a 4.3 inch display, and a 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor.  It is the thinnest model of the three, and AT&T is the only carrier where you can talk and browse the Internet at the same time.


T-Mobile was the last major carrier to offer the Galaxy S2.  Their model comes with a 4.5 inch display, and 1.8 GHz Dual-Core Processor.  T-Mobile boasts the lowest priced plan of the major carriers.


There will be more super smartphones on the market in the coming months, but the Samsung Galaxy S2 has set the bar high.  When you compare them, you will find the Galaxy S2 is heads and shoulders above the rest.






Galaxy SII courtesy of Samsung.

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  • Courtney Miles

    12 years 3 months ago

    I was just thinking of replacing my cell phone with a smartphone.  This review couldn't come at a better time.  Which provider offers the best coverage?


    Fitness Instructor. Travel Writer. Graphic Designer.

  • Ed Forteau

    12 years 3 months ago


    From my personal experience AT&T has the best voice/talk coverage, and Sprint has the best data coverage. It comes done to what is more important to you voice or data.


    Ed Forteau

  • Bert Maxwell

    12 years 3 months ago

    The newer smartphones are incredible.  I just upgraded mine to the Galaxy S2 after reading (and watching) your reviews.  The 4.5 inch screen is amazing.  Best display I've seen on a smartphone, by far.  Can't put the thing down.


    Bert Maxwell

    Technology Editor,

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