Satisfying Wanderlust: New Destinations and Best Values

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Looking for ways to satisfy your wanderlust, discover new destinations, and not break the bank while doing so? Enter the world of hostels. If you're thinking old school, with out of the way locations, crowded dorm rooms, and sharing spaghetti, you're only 1/3 right (because sharing meals will always be a traveler's tradition). Hostels now are interesting, unique, and a great way to travel inexpensively. The bonus? You'll be making friends, staying in hip locations, and by saving money, you can travel for longer.

We recently discovered HostelsClub, and after watching this extremely fun video, decided to share their story, tips on travel, new destinations, and more. Here's what they had to say...



Can you please tell us about HostelsClub?

HostelsClub is an international travel company in Venice, Italy, and we provide travellers with low cost accommodation all over the world. We began trading in 2002 and our office is a refurbished Venetian townhouse situated right next to the Grand Canal. Working in such a beautiful location, we have a daily dose of wanderlust, and this helps us engage with our customers. Dreams are what we are selling and that is a huge inspiration for us.


Who is welcome in hostels?

Hostels have traditionally been booked by students and young travellers who have to economise and socialise with their peers on vacation. However, the modern hostel market is changing, and affluent travellers are staying in hostels, too. The millennial 'flashbacker' demands more from hostels than previous generations, placing a special emphasis on design and quality facilities. Therefore, hostels are becomining increasingly stylish and luxury-orientated. There are some fantastic new hostels cropping up, and with the number of young travellers rising year-by-year, the competition is extremely fierce. There has never been a better time to book a hostel.

Amistat Beach Hostel, Barcelona

Amistat Beach Hostel, Barcelona

Where should young people should go in 2015 (hot tips, new destinations, exciting new finds)?

With the diplomatic situation in Cuba changing, travellers should definitely experience Havana before it's too late. Also Myanmar (Burma) is a remarkably unspoilt and a beautiful country full of golden temples and historic monuments. It's slowly opening up after decades of self-imposed isolation, and travellers should see it while its tourist numbers are still relatively low.

Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro are a popular choice for discerning travellers wanting to explore the lesser known reaches of Europe, too. 

Burma (Myanmar)

What are the most popular destinations?

Obviously, the big European destinations of Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Venice, and Berlin remain huge favourites. Likewise, the big international cities such as New York and Sydney. We have a big share of the Cuba market, and Havana is an enormously popular choice with our customers. As you would expect, South America is a backpackers favourite.


What is the value of staying in a hostel instead of a hotel (both financial and personal)?

Hostels are far more social than hotels. You can hang out with fellow travellers, make new friends, and if you're very lucky, you can even fall in love! Hotels by definition are private affairs and less conducive to socialising. If you're a solo traveller and want make friends on holiday, then booking a hostel is by far the best option. You don't even have to stay in a dorm, as the majority of hostels have private rooms wth en-suite facilities. By doing so, you can experience hotel style privacy and hang out in the common rooms and kitchen, too.

The Circus Hostel, Berlin

The Circus Hostel, Berlin

Where are the cheapest and best value destinations you can travel to without breaking the bank?

Budapest, Hungary is a super cheap destination. International visitors will always receive tremendous value for money visiting Hungary. Similarily Lisbon, Istanbul, and Berlin are remarkably affordable in terms of accommodation, clubs, and restaurants.

What do some of your guests say about staying in hostels?

Most will comment on the quality of their nights sleep, location of the hostel, and the social atmosphere. If the guest has a great time socially, usually that shines through in their views. The communal atmosphere of a hostel makes a huge difference when they leave comments. Sometimes they comment on the staff and whether they were looked after or not. It varies tremendously in terms of location and price. Obviously, your expectations shift depending on where you are booking and how much you've paid. If you pay top dollar in New York, then you expect a top quality bed and fantastic faciilties! A few dollars a night in rural Mexico will inevitably be a little more rustic.







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