Seattle: The Lovely City that Deserves a Visit

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Aug 22, 2013 / 0 comments

When I’ve talked to others about my travels to the West coast of America, conversation tends to bypass Seattle. I guess this makes a lot of sense when the obvious cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are naturally going to dominate as the “must see cities.” When they do finally stop discussing the Golden Gate Bridge or Hollywood and I tell them about my time in Seattle, I usually receive similar responses - “Why? What’s there? Isn’t it always raining?”


Fact of the matter is that the Canadian border clung city often escapes from the view of tourists due to its location and its limited sunshine. But, what Seattle lacks in Vitamin D it more than makes up with its great small town vibe and coastal location. Learn more about Seattle here -


Although not the cheapest place to visit (it was ranked the 5th most expensive US city to visit in June 2013), a bit of bargain hunting for flights and accommodation, and good prior planning for travel insurance, local public transport and cheap activities in Seattle can help with the budget so don’t let this ranking deter your plans!


With cloudy days numbering 225 each year, the weather often leaves much to be desired, so here are several attractions that you can experience rain, hail, or shine.


Rain: Pike Place Market

A great place to escape those rainy day blues. As you attempt to navigate the labyrinth of stalls you can’t help but find a quirky store to disappear into. Split over several floors, the crowded market sells an assortment of items ranging from arts and crafts to Chukar Cherries. The world famous fish throwing mongers are a personal highlight as they energetically sell fresh pacific salmon. Make sure you also brave the queue for your daily caffeine hit at the first ever Starbucks over the road.


Pike Place Market Seattle


Hail: Underground tour

Want to see a different side of Seattle? Enter into the network of underground passages and basements beneath downtown Seattle to experience former sidewalks and streets. Escape the bustle of modern day life and breathe in the history behind the Great Seattle Fire and the illegal trade, gambling halls and opium dens which would follow. The stories might get a little corny at times but this is definitely not to be missed.


Shine: Space Needle

When the sun is out, take full advantage of the day and take the 160 metre journey up the Space Needle. The observation deck boasts stunning panoramic views of the downtown skyline, Elliott Bay and the Cascade Mountains. Look forward to the entertaining yet informative elevator operator who briefly speaks to you during the 41 second assent to the top. Feeling Peckish? Indulge in a meal at SkyCity restaurant as it completes one full rotation every 47 minutes and make sure you leave some room for the Lunar Orbiter dessert.


Seattle Space Needle


These are some of my more memorable moments in Seattle and from this trip I learnt that travelling doesn’t need to just be about the most popular places and celeb spotting, these hidden gems make for the most memorable trips.



Justin Hendry is a passionate traveller and travel intern for InsureandGo Australia. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Media at Macquarie University.