Skiing isn't just for humans

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For many, winter is synonymous with ski season. The good news for ski buffs who travel with their pets is that hundreds of resorts and lodges throughout the United States and Canada are very pet friendly.

While cats may be happy to relax in warm, luxurious accommodations, dogs just might be thinking, "why did he take me across the country to have me stay in this room?"

Since you know he has a point, why not opt for a cross-country ski vacation?

There are more than 70 Nordic centers with dog trails throughout North America that welcome dogs. The Cross Country Ski Areas Association offers a complete list of resorts and trails at To avoid any surprises, be sure to call resorts to check on their up-to-date pet policies (as these can change year to year).

If you choose to engage in cross-country skiing with your pooch, offers these etiquette guidelines:

•    Do not let your dog visit with other skiers or dogs, unless welcomed 
•    Always keep your dog leashed when there is a leash regulation
•    If using an official off-leash trail, your dog needs to be well behaved, within your sight at all times and must listen to your verbal commands
•    Always clean up after your dog by using a poop bag or pooper-scooper


Although a dog's coat and paw pads can withstand snow and ice for limited periods, why not play it safe and provide some protection?

All of the big pet supplies stores, like PetSmart, PetCo and the like carry everything from socks to boots to jackets.

A set of four Pet Life Shearling "Duggz" retails for only $24.99. This is a very inexpensive way to prevent frostbite and keep your dog's feet warm and dry. (You can also find these on

Your dog may also appreciate a fashionable coat. Pet Life offers a wide variety of ski coats for dogs. carries them in all sizes and colors.

If your dog is more the barefoot type, it is still a good idea to care for his feet before and after a long hike in the snow. Only Natural Pet Soothe & Shield Paw Balm provides great protection from the elements. By the way, you can use it, too!



Enjoy your adventure!




Jodi Ziskin, our Traveling with Pets Editor, is a Holistic Wellness Consultant for Animal Companions, specializing in nutrition and proactive health. She is a Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant who also holds a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Through her company Holistic Jodi, LLC, Jodi makes house calls throughout South Florida, helping cats, dogs, birds and rabbits be as healthy and happy as possible.


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