Spring Quilt Show 2008, Alexandria, Ohio - Part 1

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My gal and I love to take country drives and visit small town events.

One of the events we like to attend every April in Ohio, is the Annual Quilt Show at the Alexandria Museum in Alexandria, Ohio.

Alexandria, Ohio is very small village approximately twenty miles east-northeast of the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. Sporting a community library, a majestic red brick Methodist church and a parade of prestigious looking old homes the town's tree-lined main street passes pleasurabley, but too quickly, for anyone taking a country driving along Ohio's State Route 37.

The Alexandria Museum is located in a pre-1860 home located along the main street. The museum is owned and operated by a group of volunteers known as The Village of Alexandria's Board of Museum Trustees; who are currently engaged in a major restoration project for a Victorian era Italiante style home that belonged to one Captain Joseph M. Scott (1830-1919); a prestigious Union Army Veteran and very active local community leader.

(for those that might be interested, a mechanism for contributing to the Captain Scott House Restoration Project is found at the bottom of the page linked here: Alexandria Community Council - via a PayPal button)


Spring 2008 Quilt Show, Alexandria, Ohio 


For the quilt show, people loan quilts from their homes -- quilts that have been owned for generations as well as those that have been recently made -- for display in the exhibition. Almost all of the quilts we viewed on our visit were from local people.

Below are a series of pictures from the April 2008 show. I did not take pictures of all the quilts on display; and only about half of the pictures I did take are shared here in Part 1 of the photo essay.


I hope you Enjoy !!

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The Alexandria Ohio Museummuseum



An Antique Quilting Framequilt frame



Brown Crazy Quilt (M-16)Brown Crazy Quilt (M-16)--



Lyle's Letter To Santa (M-5)quilt




4-H MemoriesCrazy Quilt (M-1)4H crazy quilt




4-H Memories Crazy Quilt (detail) (M-1)4H crazy quilt




Grandma Mary (M-7)quilt




Decorative Bow Tie Throw and Pillow (M-6)quilt



Fans In The Corners Quilt (M-2)quilt




Pocket Quilt (M-10)quilt




Child Quilt (M-22)quilt

More pictures from the Alexandria 2008 Quilt Show will follow in Part 2.



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