St Peter's Basilica

by ARoadRetraveled / Feb 15, 2010 /
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"Angels and Demons" is a novel turned movie that inspired many to take a second look at some of Rome's most prominent sites, including the VaticanSt Peter's Basilica is the most famous church in the world, as well as the head of Christendom. It's visited by thousands of tourists, locals, and pilgrims each day....yet many who enter this architectural masterpiece don't know much about it, nor about the secrets that it holds. From the saint to whom it's dedicated, to controversial popes and to the most revered artistic masters who had a hand in its architectural and decorative designs, there no other church like St Peter's... and this is why:

EP. #69 Angels & Demons Tour: St Peter's Basilica/Vatican (part 1)




EP #70 Angels & Demons Tour in Rome: St Peter's Basilica (part 2)







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