Top 8 Food Spots in NYC, Williamsburg

by Anevay Darlington / May 28, 2014 / 0 comments

I lived in Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, for 9 years of my life, and the hardest part about moving out of the neighborhood was missing the food. Each of these restaurants hold a special place in my heart, as I grew up in each one in some capacity. Not only is the food in my 8 favorite places marvelously good, but in each one the people are really friendly. If you get a chance to dine here, I hope that you, too, will make great memories in these places.

Top 8 Food Spots in NYC, Williamsburg



An extraordinary Korean food spot. I’ve been going to this place ever since I was a little thing; the food hasn’t changed much and my love for it has definitely not wavered. I 100% recommend this place. It is great for trying new things, perfect for a group gathering, a friend, or anyone for that matter, and has a nice atmosphere. There’s something for everyone here. My favorite dish on the menu is the BiBimBahp, with rice, fried egg, your choice of toppings, vegetables and a little chili sauce over all of it. I devour it in minutes.
199 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY

Gourmet Guild

Where should I start?! It’s the best grocery around, with everything that you could ever want in your meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner. But the goodness doesn’t end there - sandwiches, coffee, soup, pastries, and even the ability to reserve the place for a private dinner or a perfect place for amazing events that bring the community together. Every time I visit, they’ve made a change to the place, I’m usually a very traditional person and hate any change in anything, but Gourmet Guild is an exception. They’ve recently added some new tables, a fresh bakery, and a backyard for the upcoming summer. My favorite thing that I’ve had there yet is the Turkey BLT: bacon, house sriracha mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, and smoked honey maple turkey. Everything they do, they do for their customers.
110 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY


Pies N Thighs

An amazing spot with fried chicken and pie. I’m never NOT in the mood to go to this restaurant. The Banana Cream Pie is the best pie I have had (outside of homemade pies, of course). I’m usually not a banana person, but with the pie crust made out of Nilla Wafer Crust, with banana custard, fresh bananas, it’s just perfect after a meal of fried chicken biscuits, eggs, etc. There's not a bad thing on the menu.
166 S. 4th St, Brooklyn, NY


Vanessa’s Dumpling House

A cheap spot great for a quick, delicious lunch. They also have bubble tea (peach is my favorite), which is an added bonus. The noodles, dumplings, and everything is homemade and really good. Whenever I go there, I unintentionally get too much, but I’m very much ok with that.  Try the location in Williamsburg, it’s the least crowded.
Williamsburg- 310 Bedford Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY

Union Square- 220 East 14th Street,
New York, NY

Chinatown- 118A Eldridge Street,
New York, NY


Walter Foods

Amazing for brunch (or any meal)… but especially brunch because that menu has fried chicken and pumpkin waffles. It sounds a little strange, but  these two things combined are absolutely delightful. With a nice atmosphere, warm people, great chicken and waffles, I’d go here any day.
253 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY


M Shanghai

Has an amazing outside seating area that I’ve experienced a few parties at. This restaurant’s really fun with amazing food that’s traditional. The recipes are based on the owner’s grandmother’s cooking. It has a nice atmosphere and even nicer people. Going here is a must. The steamed pork buns are probably my favorite things here, really juicy and good.
292 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY


Marlow & Sons

A little spot with amazing meals (known for the oysters), with also a small gourmet food shop in the front of the restaurant. This place also caters, which is awesome because the food is really, really good. I had my first oyster here; not that I like them, but for oyster eaters this is the place for you. For those who don’t like oysters, there is plenty that you’ll like. They have a different menu every day, depending on what’s in season, with really big sized portions.
81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY


Marlow & Daughters

This isn’t a restaurant, but instead a little grocery and meat market. If you’re looking for good and fresh produce, this is by far the best place to go in the area. Great service and I’ve never been disappointed in the food. For the vegetarians out there, this is not just a meat market -  there is an  amazing selection of vegetables, breads, and other items as well.
95 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY



I’m really happy to share some of my absolute favorite restaurants (all in the same neighborhood). I hope that you create great memories in these places as I have done throughout the years, and of course eat some good food. Please, if you do try any of these places let me know how you enjoyed them!




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