Travel Board Game: 10 Days in Asia

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Mar 06, 2009 / 4 comments

As global travelers, we are always looking for new ways to teach our daughter about the world.  Little did we know that we would learn just as much as she is learning! We recently received the Very Cool Travel Board Game, called 10 Days in  Asia. Since we first opened it, we have played this game several times a day - it is so much fun!

travel board game - 10 days in asia


Our six-year old daughter says, "This travel board game is so much fun! You feel like you are traveling, in the game. You get ten days of traveling and you have to figure it out. I LOVE IT!"

The Goal of this Travel Board Game

The objective of the game is to arrange a ten-day travel trip in Asia. The game includes a game board, country and transportation cards, and a 10-day card holder for each person. The game board is a colorful and accurate map of Asia, from Turkey to Japan.  To win the game, you must strategize on both geography and transportation. You can travel via rail, ship,  airplane, or on foot from country to country.  You win the game when you have successfully arranged a 10-day trip across Asia.


travel board game - 10 days in asia




Why We Love This Board Game


We love this game for a variety of reasons. Our daughter has an unbroken winning streak, and is always asking to play it.  It is an excellent way to teach geography - by TRULY SEEING where countries are, and how to get around. We get to play travel agent, and learn exactly where even the tiniest countries are located. It makes learning geography for kids and adults fun - it doesn't even feel like we're learning geography, but just exploring our world. We put on music from some of the countries we are learning about, and also provide international snacks (pocky!). It can be a whole world immersion learning experience!

If you're looking for a fun activity to play at home, with your friends and family, the travel board game 10 Days in Asia is enjoyable and provides a window to the world.

The company that created this travel board game, Out of the Box, notes that this game is for ages 10-adult (although our 6-year old plays it and keeps winning), it takes 2-4 players, and that each game takes 20-30 minutes.

For more information on this travel board game, including other customer reviews and comments, and to purchase the game, please see:


Look for our upcoming reviews on their other travel board games!

Comments (4)

  • Jesse Miles

    15 years 4 months ago

    I was just on the Out of the Box site after reading your review.  This looks like it will be a fun game for my nephew.  Our family loves playing board games when we get together, so it's something I'll probably get for his birthday.

    Jesse Miles

  • Hexxon

    15 years 4 months ago

    Hi Ed,

    As a games retailer, I see a lot of educational board games fail. This includes many from Out of the Box.  If your daughter asks to play this game with you, she is a very rare gem indeed as majority of kids will drop that game half way through their first session.

    The problem comes from the attempt to create a game with educational purpose in mind.  Most would be creators are great educators, but horrible(!) game makers.  Almost 99% of games created this way are booooring!  For both kids and parents!

    If you're truly looking for educational games that will actually by played by the average family more than once, it must be truly good on its own merit as a game.  IE, FUN!   So it is your task as parent to find great games that ALSO have good educational value.

    So here are some examples:

    Geography: Ticket to Ride which is a train route building game from France where you are trying to plan a secret route across the US.  There are many versions of this including an European one.  Pandemic is a great co-operative(!) game where each player is a specialist (medic, scientist, engineer etc) with a unique ability working together trying to halt a pandemic.  They must travel the world to key locations and stop the pathogens in their tracks.

    Here's a couple pages for you to look at:

  • zombo09

    15 years 3 months ago

    Thanks for the review, looks like a promising board game.

  • Frank Miller

    15 years 3 months ago

    I love board games, and travel games are my favorite.  This looks like an enjoyable game to play with family or friends.

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