Travel Calm provides stress relief for traveling dogs

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Some dogs simply do not enjoy traveling. Like people, they can be afraid to fly or feel queasy in a car. For these pups – and their humans - a simple trip to the vet can be quite stressful, never mind a flight to a far off destination.

That is why I am thrilled to share information about a natural aromatherapy remedy called Travel Calm by Earth Heart, Inc. 

Travel calm is a mist made from pure essential oils including bergamot, tangerine, lavender, ginger, geranium, ylang ylang and marjoram. It can be sprayed directly inside a pet carrier, on dog’s clothing, inside a car or sprayed into one’s hands and rubbed onto the dog’s ears or abdomen. Because many cats have adverse reactions to some pure essential oils, applying directly to their bodies is not recommended. However, sprayed inside a car, the Travel Calm will help kitties, too. Not to worry, the product will not stain or leave a sticky residue on fur or any materials.

Since I do not have a dog, I enlisted the help of a friend who was embarking on a five-day road trip with his two dogs and three cats to try Travel Calm. This cross-country journey, originating in Naples, Florida and ending in Los Angeles, California, had all the makings of a stressful drive.

My friend followed the directions – a couple of mists in his hands that he applied to the bellies of the dogs. He also sprayed a couple of mists in the back of the SUV, where the cats were situated. He did this a couple of times each day and also sprayed a couple of mists in the room he and his furry family stayed in each night. The final, unbiased report – Travel Calm worked like a charm. My friend said that everyone remained calm and no one vomited. Success!

I am not surprised by the results. Travel Calm has been proven to provide relief to 95% of dogs who suffer from travel-related symptoms including restlessness, drooling, panting, whimpering and upset stomach. 

The Earth Heart website points out that direct application of the mist has a faster effect than misting a room or car interior. Nearly all dogs relax in just a few minutes.

Travel Calm, made in the USA and packaged in a BPA-free bottle, can be purchased directly from the website and shipped nationally and internationally. There are also several stores throughout the USA and Canada that are now carrying the product.

There are approximately 600 mists per two-ounce bottle, which retails for $11.98. Depending on frequency of use and number of mists per application (for small, young or infirm dogs, the company recommends one or two mists and for medium and large dogs, up to six mists), this comes out to approximately 2 cents per mist.

More about Earth Heart and its founder, Vicki Rae Thorne:

Vicki is a certified aromatherapist and master herbalist. She founded Earth Heart in 1996 to help others learn how to use herbs and aromatherapy as an integral part of everyday health. She is a member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and the American Herbalist Guild.


Jodi Ziskin, our Traveling with Pets Editor, is a Holistic Wellness Consultant for Animal Companions, specializing in nutrition and proactive health. She is a Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant who also holds a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Through her company Holistic Jodi, LLC, Jodi makes house calls throughout South Florida, helping cats, dogs, birds and rabbits be as healthy and happy as possible.

She and her husband Zach live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their two cats, Obi and Emma.

Please feel free to contact Jodi at holisticjodi[at] or visit


Note: I received a samlpe of Travel Calm from Earth Heart - Thank you!


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  • Jane Boursaw

    10 years 10 months ago

    This stuff sounds amazing. I'm thinking it might help calm ME when I have to travel long distances. 

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