Travel Tips: Visiting Thailand with Kids

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Even though Thailand is not well-known for activities surrounding children, there are a number of fun activities that work well for families visiting with kids. Some of these activities are located on the beach and some are away from the coast. Thailand is a very welcoming place for young children, and all the major airlines that fly to Bangkok accommodate children very well.


Hong Island, Phuket


Two of the better known family friendly beach resorts are the islands of Ko Lanta and Koh Samui. Both islands are loaded with plenty of activities for kids. There are several beach accommodations in both the mid and upper range budgets. There are plenty of beachfront restaurants for dining with open areas so that kids can enjoy playing in the sand while you linger over dinner and still be well within your sight. There are several activities in the daytime for kids including the elephant rides and snorkelling.


Another family friendly destination is the island of Phuket. The only downfall is that the beachfront accommodations here are rated at premium prices. As an alternative, there are plenty of other beach resorts that kids will enjoy. These activities include rock climbing, kayaking, and going to the many dive centres around that are happy to teach children’s scuba diving lessons. Thailand is full of lovely waterfalls and caves, as well as many national parks. Along with visiting these places with the children, elephant riding, and river rafting are quite popular activities for kids of all ages.


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and Pattaya have plenty of things to do - and even theme parks designed with children in mind. During the month of January, kids have plenty of free activities and entertainment to enjoy from all over the country on Wan Dek, also called National Children’s Day. This special event is held on the second Saturday in January, and kids are allowed free entry to the rides on public transport as well as the free entry to the zoos.


Parents should know that many of the expensive hotels allow one or two kids under the age of 12 to share the parent’s room for free if no additional beds are requested. Of course, it is always easy enough to manage two adults and two children in a double room in one of the midrange or budget hotels. Plenty of hotels in Thailand offer babysitting services if needed.


In Thailand, most transport companies do not cut prices for children. The State Railway mandates that children ages 3 to 12 can get half price tickets if they are under 150 cm tall. On domestic flights to Bangkok, airlines usually charge 10% of the full price for a child under two and 50% for those under the age of 12.


Disposable diapers are sold at most convenience stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies in the local towns and major resort areas. It is recommended that you bring a changing mat for a baby because there are very few public toilets here. You can always find powdered milk in several international brands in Thailand.


Dogs are known to be a nuisance in Thailand because there are so many cases of rabies. Consequently, kids should stay away from dogs and monkeys. Make sure that your rabies shot is up-to-date before visiting Thailand.


Traveling with kids is easy to do and guarantees an enjoyable time for your whole family. Take the time to research the many places to go and things to do with kids well in advance of your trip so that you can plan your trip accordingly.