Where to Travel If You Are a Single Man

by Jesse Miles / Nov 17, 2011 /

If you are a single man, it is a definite must to know where to travel to make the trip not only memorable, but also truly worth it.  Essentially, travelling alone can be considered as the ultimate in self-indulgence because you have complete control of what you want to do.  It is entirely up to you when to become adventurous and when to be laid back.  In the same manner, you decide where to travel next on your solo quest.

It is of course a fair reminder that travelling alone should be done by adults only, and those who are not yet of age should refrain from doing so because of potential dangers.  Knowing where to travel actually depends on what you want to achieve on your journey.  For those who want to experience the most of nature, definitely, the mountains or the beach are close considerations. 

For single men who want more of the nightlife, there are a number of beautiful cities that can offer exciting experiences.  The destination where to travel is really up to you.

Six Inviting Places to Travel for Single Men

There is no question that the preference for where to travel can vary distinctly for each bachelor.  However, despite the various tastes and expectations, there are some general recommendations that can be made that can fulfill the desire of every single man on a travel.  Regardless of the reason for opting to travel alone, it is almost assured that these destinations are most often considered as worth visiting.

Where to travel if you are a single man does not necessarily mean you have to let go of all safety concerns, inhibitions, or common sense.  Consider the following in your list of where to travel, you’ll never know, it may be enjoyable for you.


If you don’t know where it is, all for the better.  It is actually the capital city of Finland which houses a quarter of the population of the country.  If you know absolutely nothing about it, that's a good thing, since this means that you will be prodded to explore more not only the place, but also its people. 

Unknown to many, it is a vibrant and culture-filled city with various young people engaged in employment, education, and of course, adventure.  It might interest you to note that it was named World Design Capital for 2010 with strong influences of art dating back to the 1900s.  There is no doubt that the convergence of old and new qualifies it to be in your list of where to travel.


Where to Travel: Helsinki

New York City 

No introduction necessary, many are drawn by its bright lights and tall skyscrapers.  There are in fact very few cities in the world that can measure up to what New York City symbolizes, not only to Americans but to tourists as well. 

Museums, architectures, art galleries, it is an actual definition of what a culture-rich city is all about.  Every single man would want to put this in the list of where to travel, because when the sun goes down, New York City takes a life of its own and the unattached and intelligent women come out to play.


Where to Travel: New York City


Dubbed as the Eternal City, it is considered by many tourists as a living relic primarily because of the rich history that surrounds you on your travel.  Perhaps there are just a few cities in the world that can boast of the same synergy of ancient and modern society

Emerging from a chaotic and somewhat brutal existence, it has been transformed into a center of architecture and history with beautiful parks and collection of masterpieces that are equaled by the glamorous beauty of its women.  It is one of the cities that a single man can easily get lost in, making it worthy to be in your list of where to travel.


Where to Travel: Rome


Many believe that it is a glamorous city and worthy to be in your list of where to travel as majority of the people speak French.  Aside from this, it has been identified as one of the best designed cities in the world by UNESCO.  It also consistently scores very well in terms of life surveys conducted. 

This means that many of the women here are keen on healthy living and are up for a very adventurous experience.  The downtown area features skyscrapers with cobbled streets traversed by horse-drawn carriages.  It is one of the few cities where true romance has a more than average chance of blossoming.


Where to Travel: Montreal


One of the little known but worthwhile destinations, it is the capital of Estonia.  Part of a proud nation, it serves as the economic and cultural epicenter of Europe.  It has also been named as the Capital of Culture of Europe in 2011.  The population of this city is only half a million, but it does not fall short of historical buildings that qualify as world standards. 

The city is likewise proud to be considered as among the top digital cities globally, which means that Tallinn is well-prepared for the future.  Estonian women are ambitious and very alluring, enough reasons to partake of the experience by including it in the list of where to travel.


Where to Travel: Tallinn


No travel, of any single man, would ever be complete without stopping in Miami.  A definite must entry in your list of where to travel, it is famous worldwide for its impeccable weather and out of this world parties.  Any man would want to have the chance to enjoy South Beach with its sunshine and beautiful bikini clad women. 

If history and heritage is what you are looking for, look elsewhere.  Miami though boasts of its own charms and huge collection of sultry women that will make any single man want to stay for life.


Where to Travel: Miami

Every single man needs some alone time at one point or another.  Knowing where to travel can make the difference of having an unforgettable experience and a completely disappointing one.  Keep in mind though that when you consider where to travel, careful planning should always be taken.