Can Pets Travel on Cruise Ships?

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While service dogs are welcome aboard most cruise ships, traveling the high seas with a pet is a completely different matter.

Pet Friendly U.S. National Parks

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As summer fades into autumn, the cooling temperatures can be quite inviting for those looking for an outdoor travel adventure.

For people with pets who also like the great outdoors, visiting a United States National Park can be a perfect destination.

Chamomile relieves the aches, pains and anxiety of a traveling pet

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The Germans refer to chamomile as alles zutraut, meaning 'capable of anything.' When traveling, this can be a very space-saving solution for a multitude of issues that can plague a traveling cat or dog (or human).

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Destinations in San Francisco

by Margaret Wong / Jul 31, 2011 /

As a native San Franciscan and mom to a 2 year old, I am constantly traveling around the city looking for kid-friendly places in San Francisco. My friends with children love to visit because the city offers so many educational and kid-friendly options. You can hike along the Pacific coast, eat the best dumplings and noodles in town, and relax with your family in a Victorian-style San Francisco vacation rental … all in the same day!

Here are my top 5 picks for places to take kids in San Francisco:

Cat + Harness = Safer Travels

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If you have ever traveled with a cat by car, you know just how quick and agile they can be. Cats can twist and turn their bodies to fit under, into, or through just about anything.

Tips for Avoiding Home Burglary While You're Traveling

by Ed Forteau / Jul 06, 2011 /
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Travelers can be meticulous researchers - finding the best deals, places to stay, events, things to see while they're traveling. But too often, travelers only think of what they are doing while they are Away - and not of things back at home. Sure, you've got your pets in the kennel and the plants on an auto-watering system. But there are specific things that you can do to keep your home safe, while you're away. It is one of our worst nightmares, to come home and find all of our belongings gone.

Information to include on your pet’s identification tag

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Whether home or away, one of the greatest fears of any pet parent is becoming separated from their furry baby.
When traveling, factors including being in unfamiliar surroundings, becoming frightened by a strange noise, sneaking out of a hotel room or even the instinct to run and hide can increase the risk of a dog or cat ‘getting away.’

Book Review: The Grand Canyon: The Complete Guide

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We've enjoyed featuring the extraordinary guidebooks of award-winning author and photographer James Kaiser here on our site. You can read more:

Travel Calm provides stress relief for traveling dogs

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Some dogs simply do not enjoy traveling. Like people, they can be afraid to fly or feel queasy in a car. For these pups – and their humans - a simple trip to the vet can be quite stressful, never mind a flight to a far off destination.

Acadia: The Complete Guide

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Dreaming of summer in Maine, eating lobster, drawing the natural beauty, trying not to get wet at Thunder Hole? Me, too. What's inspired me even MORE this year is an extraordinary guidebook from one of my very favorite authors, James Kaiser - Acadia: The Complete Guide.