Book Review: Greetings from Kiwi and Pear

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I am so happy to share a great picture book for kids today! It is called Greetings from Kiwi and Pear, and it is a great book for kids to learn about the world. I liked it because it is adventurous and the art is so cute. This book is best for young kids, and they can learn about different places around the world. Kiwi and Pear are two adorable monkeys. When they travel, you can put matching stickers (one of childrens favorite things!) on the world map. I enjoyed reading this book and thinking about traveling to all these wonderful places.


Greetings from Kiwi and Pear



We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Joyce Wan, author and illustrator of Greetings from Kiwi and Pear, about the book, art, and more. Here's what she had to say...



WE: Please tell us about your book, Greetings from Kiwi and Pear...

JW: Greetings from Kiwi and Pear is a new picture book that follows two
monkeys named Kiwi and Pear as they travel the world. Some of the places
they visit include the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower and the
Amazon River. It includes a world map and stickers so that readers can
follow along on their trip.


Greetings from Kiwi and Pear



WE:  How did you think of making this book?

JW: The monkeys are inspired by a stuffed animal of two hugging monkeys I
had as a child. The characters and some of the scenes in the book are
based on some greeting card designs that I did for my greeting card
company WanArt. I think that there is nothing more fun than traveling
and exploring new places with loved ones and I wanted to show that in
the book while also teaching a little about world landmarks, geography
and foreign cultures.


Greetings from Kiwi and Pear



WE:  How did you get interested in art?

JW: I drew a lot as a kid. When I was in first grade I won a city-wide
greeting card contest and got to meet the governor of Massachusetts.
Winning that award as a young child left a strong impression on me and
with the encouragement of my parents I kept pursuing artistic endeavors.
I have been drawing all my life and studied architecture in college.


Greetings from Kiwi and Pear



WE:  How did you make this book?

JW: I sketch out the drawings first with pencil and paper. Then I scan the
drawings into the computer. Then I use a program called Illustrator to
redraw over my sketch and add color.



WE:  Have you been to all the places where Kiwi and Pear went?

JW: I live in New York City and have been to San Francisco, China and
England. All the other places in the book I dream of visiting one day.


Greetings from Kiwi and Pear



WE:  Will there be more Kiwi and Pear books?

JW: I am working on new book ideas for Kiwi and Pear so there will hopefully
be more books. I am also working on an IPhone application storybook/game
that will be out next year that is based on the book. It will feature
some scenes from the current book but will also include new locations. 



WE:  Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

JW: Visit for more information and the latest news about Kiwi and Pear. Happy Travels!



WE: Thanks so much! I LOVE THIS BOOK!

L Forteau is the Special Children's Reporter for Wandering Educators



This book was sent to us for review by Joyce Wan.


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