Kirsty's Glen, Chapter 3

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Kirsty's Glen, by Stephanie Scott


Kirsty's Glen


A Book for kids who love to travel. Check back for more chapters!

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   Chapter 3

When James returned from the glen, he opened the great door and entered the main hall of the castle, and his home. The laird, his father, was standing there with his three younger brothers, Dougal, Kenneth and Sandy, as well as his cousin Andrew and two strangers he’d never seen. All were in deep conversation and turned at his entry.

“Well, if it isn’t James! Is all well with Calum?”

“Aye, it seems so,” James replied.

After the others had left, Laird Donald called James to his side. “It seems I will not be able to go to the wedding tomorrow, James, as I’ve been called to go to Inverness to an urgent meeting. Dougal, Kenneth and Andrew will come with me, but I’ll leave Sandy in your care, along with whatever other business you’ll need to attend to around here. I *ken it’s a big responsibility. I’ll be gone about two weeks, and I’ll use the time to get some other needed business done as well. *Och, it’s bad timing with all that’s happening. Your mother will also be going to the Isles, as her mother is doing poorly and needs her, and your sister Iona will go with her. So you and Sandy will be alone, except for the servants and gillies.”

This was a lot at once for James—being left to care for the lands, run the great house, attend a wedding, as well as mind Sandy! He laughed as he thought how this part could prove the hardest of all, Sandy being keenly prone to getting into trouble.

His father looked serious for a moment and said quietly: “It seems I’m called to Inverness as there are rumors of trouble brewing, and there are some decisions to be made. I’m glad Mother and Iona will be visiting Anne in the Isles, as that will take a load off my mind.


Kirsty's Glen


“You are a bright lad, James, and I know I can trust you to the running of this land. Pray God it will be a quick trip.  We have a long journey ahead of us, so we must make haste. We’ll be off within the hour. James, can you get the horses and provisions while we all get ready? And may the good Lord keep and protect us!”

As Laird MacDonald and his company were approaching Inverness. The company had grown considerably, as other chiefs and lairds of Highland clans had met up with them along the way, having been called to the same meeting.


Kirsty's Glen

Their group now numbered fifty, and they were quite an impressive sight as they entered Inverness in their bright tartans* and feathered caps, bristling with dirks*, claymores* and broadswords. People moved aside and stared in wonder at these Highland *catarans, as they were known to the city folk.

Laird MacDonald prayed a quick word to the Lord for James: “Give him guidance and help him in all that he has to do.” 

Looking to his other sons, he smiled: “Well, it looks like it’s going to be an interesting meeting. The Earl of Seaforth is here and the old Laird Gordon himself!”


Scottish Thistle


Kirsty's Glen, written and illustrated by Stephanie Scott. 

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