Kirsty's Glen - Chapter 5

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Kirsty's Glen


Kirsty's Glen, by Stephanie Scott


A Book for kids who love to travel. Check back for more chapters!


Chapter 5

 Meanwhile, at the MacDonald castle, streaks of morning sunlight slowly filled the room as James lay there watching the diamonds of dust flow into the light. He then turned his thoughts to the day ahead. Now his father was gone and he was the acting laird. He prayed there and then that God would give him the wisdom to perform his job well, and be all that a chieftain should be to his people.
“Well,” he thought, “the gillies will be able to care for the land, and the loyal servants will care for the day-to-day running of the old castle.”
John Stewart would be able to tend to Sandy’s care and schooling, and with the assistance and support of his father’s
faithful household, James would be left with the freedom to oversee all, and make any needed decisions that might come up. Today he would go to the wedding of Calum’s elder daughter in his father’s stead. It would be an excellent opportunity to get to know the other clan *septs, all of whom would be at the wedding.
His thoughts once again returned to Kirsty, Calum’s younger daughter. She had turned into quite a bonny lass and he was looking forward to seeing her again.
Just then, a knock brought him back from his thoughts. Malcolm, the family’s trusted servant ever since James was a baby, entered the room.
“Good morning to you, Master James. It’ll be a busy day *afore you, so you’d do well to get a good breakfast under *yer *sporran.”
“Thanks, Malcolm, could you be sure to call John Stewart also, as I need a *wee word with him over breakfast.”
Trusting that all would go well enough on the home front, James planned to set off to the *kirk by way of the *lochs, as he’d heard of some *cairds being around that area. He wanted to see what sort of people they were.


Kirsty's Glen


End of Book 1.



((…End of Chapter 5…))

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Kirsty's Glen, written and illustrated by Stephanie Scott. 

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