Laptop Living Room Concerts with Matt and Shannon Heaton

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Matt & Shannon Heaton bring the world into the Irish music they play--literally. They add bold Thai, Brazilian, jazzy touches to traditional music... and then perform it in venues from Frankfurt to Winnepeg to Bangkok. So it's fitting that they'd invite the world to a monthly concert series, which they broadcast from home.


Matt and Shannon Heaton


No matter where their travels take them, Boston is home base. It's where the Heatons go back to the starkest versions of these old ballads to make sure their "updates" aren't distorting the original melodies. It's where they hone their material. It's where they unpack their bags. It's where they encourage their four-year old son to hang up his own bag. And it's where they've been holding Laptop Living Room concerts via Concert Window.

Launched by accordionist Dan Gurney (who can be heard on the Heatons' 2012 CD, "Lovers' Well") and mandolinist Forrest O'Connor, Concert Window has webcasted thousands of concerts from venues and living rooms around the U.S.


Matt and Shannon Heaton


Matt and Shannon have been doing monthly Concert Window shows, beginning in January 2015. The Heatons plan to announce an early morning show later this year, for friends in Asia and Europe. In the meantime, their next online shows will be Wed March 11, 8:30pm EST and Wed Apr 22, 8:30pm (this one will be for a live studio audience. Matt explains, "It's amazing to pull friends, family and longtime fans together--and to also play for new listeners--from many different spots around the country." At the February concert, I loved hearing the live music during the cold, cold winter. They even played my favorite song from their cd Tell Me in Earnest! And it's interactive - there's a chat function on the site. It's fun to write applause.


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See you there!


Matt and Shannon Heaton

This is how I feel, with Matt and Shannon singing in my house!




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