The Essential Guide to Travel Writing

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Mar 04, 2015 /
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You may have seen some of my boards over at Learnist, a site that I just love. What is learnist?

Learnist is a crowd-sourced and organized collection of the world’s knowledge, with curated web, text and video content and Learnboards™ with sequenced lessons and resources on tens-of-thousands of topics.

You can see my learnings here:

If you know me, you'll see cool compilations of things I just love, including Ireland and other location-specific travel guides, family travel, international education, St Patrick's day recipes, and study abroad.

My latest board is a premium board, and arose from the multiple queries I get EVERY SINGLE DAY about travel writing. Why do people ask me? Well, we started this site, Wandering Educators, in 2007. I teach our teen travel blogging mentorship program. And I've mentored hundreds of people on travel writing, blogging, social media, and more.

While most boards on learnist are free (including most of mine!), premium boards are a great way to access knowledge for less than a dollar.


The Essential Guide to Travel Writing


The Essential Guide to Travel Writing


This premium board costs 99cents, is available at the google play and itunes store, and is a great start to learning travel writing. It's been a decade in the making, as I share hard-earned tips and tricks.

You can find it here, or by clicking below:


Essential Guide to Travel Writing




Watch out, world! I've got a four part series on blogging; the first one is out already!

The Beginner's Guide to Blogging, Part 1: Finding your Niche, Creating your Blog


Dig into learnist - I think you'll discover a whole world out there, waiting for you!